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  1. He got called out!

    I just googled Ricky Whittle and found that this forum already had this topic so I reading through it
  2. He got called out!

    Read the comments..people are right..his hairline is too defined..though if I didn't know I probably would not have noticed... As a side topic, why is it that women can do all this shit, IE wear wigs (Amber Rose), get eyebrows tattooed and no one bats an eye but if men do it, people call it out!!!?? What actually inspired me to go the SMP route was a friend of mine had her eyebrows done and she was talking about it and telling everyone and all the girls were like "yeah I am gonna do that too..." including my wife. It was then that I decided to tell all my friends about my hairpiece and told them I was going to go the SMP route.. PS Someone in the comments wrote that Ricky Whittle had SMP. Is this true? I have seen pics where he has grown a mohawk. TBH I wanted to get SMP so my hair could look like his - lol!
  3. Maintenance after SMP

    Awesome, thanks Vinny! This was an excellent read and answered all my questions..
  4. Maintenance after SMP

  5. Maintenance after SMP

    Hi guys, so as I've posted before, I wear a "system"...When I first got it, I thought it was the answer to all my problems. To some degree it was..However "they" don't tell you about all maint that it needs including monthly visits to the salon, glues, tapes etc...Even, when discover you can do alot yourself, it's still a pain, which one of the main reasons why I want to get rid of it.. So, for those who have had the procedure, can you share your experiences? any gotcha's or hassles you wish you knew before? thanks for sharing! TOBaldy..
  6. Hair Piece to SMP

    I just looked it up...oh yeah it's bad sometimes mine looks like that
  7. Hair Piece to SMP

    I usually am pretty good at catching these things. No matter how good the peice is, it can be caught like JT. Personally, I don't think BatFleck wears a piece.. High maintenance??? You have no idea...
  8. Hair Piece to SMP

    ok thanks @JCVD
  9. Hair Piece to SMP

    pls post pics of the results!! any chance you would want to meet?
  10. Hair Piece to SMP

    ^^ thought of doing can get them with very thin hair lines
  11. Hair Piece to SMP thanks! Just thinking about revealing my naked head to the world makes me cringe My uncle just shaved his head (no SMP) a while back..Initially, I thought he was nuts and he looked really bad but now I'm used to it I think he looks much better. When I see old pics of him with a "system" I think it looks sooooo obvious he is MUCH happier and keeps telling me to do it BC it was the best thing he did...I can't wear this thing forever. I am however worried about the natural look of SMP...This is why I need to meet up with someone here in TO.. Going reach out to a few people here in Toronto soon.. thank you!
  12. Hairpiece to smp

    @William1 , I am in the exact same position..I am nearing 50 and people comment on my hair and how much I have. It can't last forever I am however going to take 2 weeks off from work and return to work after my second session. I am trying to lose some weight before I do this @OnTheFenceAgain thanks for the reassurance!
  13. Hair Piece to SMP

    Yep, this is EXACTLY how I feel..they never tell you the pain that this is and sometimes it looks fake, only looks good when it's new..Like you said, even if I dont this..I am on the verge of shaving my head..the only thing stopping me is my work.. I dont know about that..mine looks pretty good most times, but then I obsess over it but there are sometimes it looks fake..
  14. Hair Piece to SMP

    thanks JCVD!! Appreciate the feedback!