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  1. Los Angeles, Zang SMP - 1st session

    First Session with the Mr. Zang. Was about 50% nervous 50% exited to get this done. Watched videos incessantly after putting forth the deposit and making the decision to plunge into this procedure. Zang is a total professional. Gave me two hairlines to choose from. Truly believes in what he does... and for good reason. He is an artist. I was bald as a cue ball just the other day. I now have a hairline. My wife hasn't even noticed yet but I can totally see the difference. I'm wondering how long it will take her to glance up and say something. The fact the she hasn't even noticed is a testament to Zang's craft. I haven't seen a hairline like this for 15 years and my horseshoe is almost gone. Will provide update pics after the 2nd session Shade 40 an 38 Hairline style: slightly receeded