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  1. SMP to give appearance of more density to FUE transplant

    Hello! Ive done a 3500 fue transplant myself, and just did my third session of smp. To answer your question I wouldnt reccomend getting smp with long hair, because smp is grey like shaved hair and it’s underneath the skin. Long hair has a colour and is obviously outside the skin, so these two will not naturally blend. With that said, if you are likley to loose all of your hair I really recommend cancelling your second transplant and getting an smp and start to rock the shaved look. A HT is a nightmare to maintain, it will look too thin to look real and it will just not be that head of hair that we imagine when we pay the crazy sums for it. And with another 4k scars on the back of your head the chances of covering it up with smp will decrease. Cut your losses and get out of the HT procedure, at least I am very happy I did!
  2. Thinning crown to add realism

    A followup: Ive now done two sessions, and although I didnt ask for it it looks like my crown is naturally thinning because I actually am thinning there. I am however going for a third session to cover the crown since it turns out SHVD was right, it does look real enough for me to be comfortable convincing people questioning it that it is real. Actually I would have no problem saying its a ”tattoo” either, since it looks good. Its no different from any other tattoo, of course we want to look better if we have the option to.
  3. Couldnt convince them it’s ink

    Hello all! I just wanted to share a funny story. My background is 3500 grafts FUE and now two sessions of SMP, the last one 10 days ago. I was at a party and was chatting with a group of people, one of which a hair dresser, and the subject of hair came up, surprise surprise. I actually told them my head was tatooed, but they wouldn’t believe me. I tried to convince them, they looked up close and felt my head but they wouldn’t believe that it wasnt just a shaved head. I’m not saying it’s undetectable, I can see my own scars and dots, but for people not familiar with it, it looks pretty damn natural ?
  4. Another Sweating Question

    I’ve had two procedures so far and I believe the aftercare guidelines posted on the website are a bit on the restrictive side. I didnt worry too much about the sweating, sun and bathing restrictions, and my result is what I’d call flawless. Of course my case might be an exception and not apply to everyone so common sense is probably your best bet?
  5. Thinning crown to add realism

    Indeed my observation as well, you assume they shave because they have started to thin, and noone would get a procedure that looks ”imperfect”. Actually think somewhat aged hairline looks good so wouldnt mind having some signs of ageing, just not the oh so dreaded horse shoe
  6. Thinning crown to add realism

    Hi all! A week left until my first session, cant wait to burn by toppikk supply I was thinking of asking the practitioner to make it look like the crown is thinning, just a little, to add a bit of realism to the fact that I am going to be wet shaving. I havent seen this anywhere before though, do any one of you have any experience or thoughts on the matter? Cheers
  7. HT goose bumps

    Hello all! I have a question for the ones of you who have come in contact with FUE. About two years ago I had 3500 grafts done to the hair line and crown, but like many else I have come to realise that this is not a solution, so now I’ve booked SMP. I have seen some people where the skin of the reciepient area of the HT looks really uneven and almost like exema/goosebumps. My question is if this is something that is noticable with 5 mm trim as well or if it reveals it self when you wet shave. I can see some slight difference in the texture of the skin and what Im seeking is some indication if this will be visible after an smp. thanks for any help!
  8. Questions

    Seems like you're debating wether to choose SMP of transplant. Please note that I haven't gone through with SMP myself yet, but I have had a FUE transplant, and based on my experience I would highly recommend you to remove this as an option. Like you I like the minimalist side of things, and in my experience a HT is as far from it as possible. Also note that I have what most people would consider a 'successful' transplant. Unless you already have 'almost' a full head of hair, a transplant will look way to thin so you will have to maintain it with products like Toppik. This means that humid weather, caps, hoodies, people touching your hair, leaning against cushions, walls, swimming etc constantly will be on your mind since it will ruin the Toppik and expose your thinning hair. Getting a HT will increase the amount of time spent worrying about your hair, not decrease. This you will have to combine with hair styling products since each transplanted hair grows in a different direction. Moreover you can not expose your scalp to the sun for the first year, this turned out to be much more problematic than I expected, for instance, it's hard to wear a cap at social events such as parties, weddings etc. Not to mention the scarring left behind keeping you from having shorter than 5-7 mm buzz cut to cover it up. In short I cant help you with your questions, but I strongly suggest to at least limit your choices between embracing baldness and SMP. Hope this helps.
  9. Fue + smp

    Ser grymt ut! Vart satte du de transplanterade håren? Gjorde själv en FUE 3500 grafts, är lite orolig för att huden i det transplanterade området kommer se annorlunda ut så det blir uppenbart att min hårlinje är fixad, har du upplevt detta?