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  1. Consulation.

    Who is the best practitioner in Birmingham?
  2. I am beyond stunned that His Hair is choosing to not respond to our messages we left in regards to fixing the poor work that we got in Toronto from their inexperienced practitioner. I am willing to travel to another location and don't need or want to go back to Toronto at this point to get this smp procedure sorted out.
  3. If all the clients that had their work done in Toronto by this inexperienced practitioner can not have this matter resolved by His Hair in a timely manner than the only other solution is that refunds should be given to us so that we can source out another place to have our smp procedures finished correctly. It is not fair to the clients that have paid thousands of dollars only to have poor results.If you payed to have your car painted and they only painted half the car you would expect a refund. This is not good for their reputation to leave us clients hanging like this and not return calls.
  4. I had read on here that Zang is one of the best and was a former His Hair practitioner but opted to open his own business. I would still like to at least give His Hair a chance to correct my smp work done by the inexperienced practitioner in Toronto that has since bailed on them. I just want an experienced practitioner that knows what they are doing to to sort this out and get my smp finished to a high standard.
  5. Has anyone on the forums had good quality smp procedures performed at one of the United States based His Hair clinics and had great results from an experienced quality practitioner?
  6. It seems as though the UK and Europe are the best place to get an smp done with His Hair from a quality practicioner. Sadly the 10 hour flight and travelling costs was a huge factor on why I never flew there to get my procedure done.
  7. I have called His Hair numerous times in the last couple weeks and left my information to get a call back from someone in management and I have never once had a call back from management. I can understand that they are trying to get another practitioner in Toronto and that they currently do not have a physical address in Canada anymore but I want to know how they will resolve the poor work that was done by the prior practitioner. Ghosting clients is not very professional especially when we paid thousands of dollars only to get a low quality smp performed by an inexperienced practitioner. I like everyone else who had their work done in Toronto just want to see this matter resolved and to get the His quality standard smp that we already paid for but never received.
  8. I flew to Toronto for all my appointments and arrived to my appointment one time in particular and the door was locked. After that I was always scared that the practitioner would no show my appointment and I would have wasted my plane fare and hotel costs. I am still beyond stunned that His Hair allowed this practitioner to represent them in Canada. I want this matter resolved and my smp finished correctly. We all deserve to get what we paid for and it is not our fault their practitioner was incapable of doing a proper smp.
  9. I had also talked with His recently on the phone and they had specified that they are looking to replace the last practitioner but they currently do not a have a physical address on where the new clinic will be located in Toronto. I would hope that they have this situation sorted out very soon and I do not want to be left in limbo with an unfinished smp that cost me thousands of dollars while I still have to wear a hat. Every time I look in the mirror it is a constant reminder and a slap in the face of having a dud practitioner who just could not get it done right. I gave that last practitioner way too many chances to finish my smp because I trusted His and I now feel rather foolish for allowing him to do my smp without him having the proper skill set. I want to see a His practitioner that is qualified in Toronto by at least August to finally get this nightmare over with and to get peace of mind.
  10. I am under the belief that all practitioners are not created equal. Some quite honestly are just dot layers and some are artists.
  11. The practitioner was basically pissed about having to do touch up sessions on his unfinished work that never took.I was supposed to get 2 hours of treatment a session and he had me out the door in 40 minutes which included the set up time He was miserable and rushed thorough the sessions and it was very awkward to have an angry practitioner working on me. Very unprofessional and beyond stressful.. I am happy that you posted about your experience because I thought that I was the only one that had this type of awful experience in Toronto.
  12. What happened to you happened the exact same way with me. This practitioner would never go dense enough or dark enough to get a consistent look which matched the sides and back of my head. I had to talk to His Hair in Birmingham on multiple occasions to get this practitioner to go with a much darker shade of pigmentation and to correct the lack of density .This practitioner had me in and out of the Toronto office within 40 minutes for my last 2 appointments and went as fast as he could to just get rid of me. Any time that I would point out problem areas where the density was way too thin the practitioner would get very defensive and say that I am going to have a painted on look and that I would be ruining the job that was already on my head. He kept saying that it was good enough already. It was really awkward going to my last 2 sessions where the practitioner was still not able to correct my smp. The tension was very noticeable and my stress level was through the roof. I just want the finished look of a quality His Hair smp that I paid for and that everyone else is getting in other countries from His hair.
  13. His Hair has to send their UK practitioners to Canada. Your results from your 2 sessions is way better than my results from multiple sessions that I got in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Congrats on getting quality work from a good practitioner.
  14. The clients that were able to get their work done by the UK practitioner in Toronto before he left a couple years ago were very fortunate. I am still surprised that the last Canadian practitioner in Toronto was working on his own considering that I do not feel that he was experienced enough to achieve quality work or represent their company. The most disappointing thing about this is that many members in other countries got quality smp procedures completed in just 2 or 3 sessions when clients in Canada are over 3 sessions and still not done and have no clue if or when it will ever be completed. For the $4000 it cost me for this procedure I do not feel what I got is completed or worth what I paid.
  15. It is better to call His Hair than to wait for a reply to an email. It definitely seems that they are having trouble getting another practitioner to relocate to Toronto. I hope that they can have another practitioner in Toronto within the next 3 months to sort out the smp procedures done by the prior practitioner that has since left. If however the Toronto clinic remains on permanent hiatus the only other alternative is travel to the United States and have another His Hair practitioner complete the procedure.