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  1. Toronto clinic

    Peace of mind is what I need. At 22 years old, I got the evolutionary short stick.
  2. Hairy Again

    This thread has given me home. The fact that someone who is pretty much a norwood 6 or 7 can have a completely natural look finally gave me the reassurance to go through this this procedure. I'm real happy for you and you look amazing. I'm telling you shaved heads are bad-ass. Thank you for the photos.
  3. Toronto clinic

    How would you rate this practitioner? Does he have a lot of experience under his belt? Someone said the old one retired so I am not sure how confident I am going to hishair in toronto. Sorry just being paranoid. I'm sure you understand the phases of pre-SMP
  4. Toronto clinic

    Hey is the toronto clinic still active? I am worried for some reason that they don't have any more practicioners. Do you see them going out of business anytime soon?
  5. Couldnt convince them it’s ink

    This gives me even more hope. I've been having cold feet about this procedure still, but if a hair dresser can't tell then maybe I'm thinking too much? Got anymore details of the convo? Do chicks dig the shaved look these days.
  6. Seth Everman

    I've known this guy before I knew about SMP. I would have never guessed if @Ryan Seattle Star war is telling the truth. It's amazing, although I am not going for the Agent 47 look.
  7. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    Ah thanks for that. This is good news.
  8. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    I see, how much are touch-ups generally cost wise? I am young, so I am going to assume that my fading will be sort of quick due to my immune system (23 by the time I get it).
  9. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    Yes! The first paragraph is exactly what I meant. Yes I want to keep my current mature (slightly recessed) hairline. Yup I no dots in front of this hairline. So it is possible to cover your whole head so that when future follicles fall out, there will already be dots there so I won't notice?
  10. Should I or shouldn't I?

    Glad you posted pictures. Yeah, I agree with the post above me. If you do go through with an smp, post pictures.
  11. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    I actually do not want to reinforce or add density to anything, I want to go straight to the shaved look (considering all men with alopecia will shave eventually). I basically plan on shaving my head down to the bone and having the same result as "Arin" who is featured on the His Hair forum. I actually took this picture last year so, I should have lost more density by now. I also plan on having a mature hairline with slight recession to show maximum naturalness. You haven't answered my question though? Can Dots be placed in areas so that I can anticipate future hair-loss? I do not want to keep going back for touch ups every year if the only places practitioners add density is where there is no hair. I am not sure if I worded this properly, but if you can answer please do.
  12. Hello, I am an individual who is suffering from diffuse pattern hair-loss. Oddly, I still have my mature hair-line, but the entire vertex and crown is thinning and quite harshly (with a glowing bald spot in the back). I was thinking of undergoing SMP next year once I have lost even more hair (and will continue to do so at this rate). One thing that I want to know is, can I get the entire crown and vertex area SMP'd (covering up to Norwood 6-7) so that when future hairs fall out, I will not have to get those areas filled in again or touched up? Can SMP's be done in a way that accommodates future hair-loss and offer complete coverage since I will continue to keep losing hair from here? Also, how much will it cost (considering I am going for a mature hair-line that is broken and feather textured (essentially the most natural SMP you can get)? Here is a blurry image of my current hair-loss.