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  1. Hairy Again

    Hey all, wanted to give an update: I actually went back for a session 4 in May; the treatment looked fine but my practitioner Ian in Houston saw some photos and thought we could go a little darker and still look natural. Very glad we did - it gave it even more texture, and still blends great whether its day 0 or day 2. Trying to think back to what I would have wanted to know pre-treatment... it really has been a seamless transition and no one's ever called me out. I've gotten a few "why do you shave your head, you have hair" which always makes me feel great. Honestly the best part is feeling like I can look sharp again, and that my appearance is intentional. It's so much better that I can talk about being "bald" and it's not awkward because it seems like I'm shaving on purpose. Some pic updates... these are just pics I've taken in everyday life that I grabbed off my phone. Lighting does definitely make a difference and there are a few lightings where it really doesn't show up well, but that would happen with a naturally shaved head too, I think. Good luck to @JohnathonNY and anyone else on the fence... you'll be glad you did
  2. Hairy Again

    Quick shot at work... about a week out from the treatment, and this is with nearly 3 days growth. I can definitely notice the difference between top and sides if I'm looking for it at this length, but doesn't seem like anyone else can.
  3. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Question for @the bald ego... I've got the Braun series 7, liking it but find that I have to be pretty aggressive with it and shave against the grain to get it to do anything (which of course irritates my skin on the back of my head.) I'll have to try your "light touch" method. Are you wet or dry shaving?
  4. Hairy Again

    Session 3 finally under my belt. Quite pleased with the results — Ian Dennis, the Houston practitioner, continues to be a master at what he does. Redness faded a lot quicker this time as he was really just adding in darker dots for variation and blending into the sides. I'm hoping I can let this grow 3 days now before it's noticeable and I need to shave. Of course, I could probably go a week and no one would notice — if this experience has taught me anything it's that people's eyes just want to see things that make sense, and the idea that part of my hair might be fake just doesn't compute. So, if anyone's on the fence for reasons of getting called out, you can put that fear to rest. One mid-session shot and a few pics from yesterday (these are only a few hours after shaving, for the most part). Those two pics in my car are taken right after each other; one with sunroof open and the other closed to show that even some lights will still totally make it disappear. I expect the same would happen on someone with a short buzz as well, though. I guess I'm off to go live my life now, I suppose. Hasn't really sunk in yet that going bald isn't something to worry about anymore, but I know that's to come.
  5. Hairy Again

    My aunt was sending around pics from a recent family gathering; thought I'd share as this shows how light the smp was/how much it faded two weeks after just session 1. Much better now that I've had V2. Though I'm hoping session 3 gets it even more noticeable under bright light. (Also you can see the type of genes I'm dealing with... that's my uncle, and the rest of the men in the family — on both sides — share his hair...)
  6. Hairy Again

    Thanks all. Ivor - my gf loves it; she claims she didn't mind my balding head before, but who knows how she really felt. I think what she likes most is that I like it, though, and am no longer emotionally affected by hair loss. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to get "you look great!" comments now from her and others and actually believe them. We'll see about roomie's gf; I'm quite close with her and trust her so I'm not concerned. Plus, unlike a hair piece or something else, SMP doesn't feel like something that would be a huge problem if the secret got out. There's no stigma against it, and since the result is so good, it's almost like someone finding out your front teeth are fake or something like that— no big deal. Still, I am going to ask her to keep it quiet. Just a pic sitting in my bed... mix of warm indoor and natural sunlight
  7. Really want to do this but...

    It's pretty much all been said here, but I too was extremely concerned about coworkers noticing my transition from totally just fuzzy/bad hairline on top to walking in with a shaved head and a perfect hairline. The thing is, though, there's a psychological effect at play - people don't know this treatment exists, so they can't fathom the idea that some of your hair might be "fake," so whatever they see they just accept "that's just how his hair looks when shaved." People also don't store a working memory of what people's hairline looks like, or even what a bald vs. shaved with hair head looks like, so it's all the same to them. People who have seen me every day for years haven't been able to notice. Even after session 1 I still looked like I had a hairline and was had just shaved very recently. The follow on sessions add darkness so it looks like you you maybe shaved 36 hours ago, and it's more noticeable, but you will still fool everyone that you have a full head of hair as long as you keep it shaved down. You'll just have to have a story as for why you decided to shave. Good luck!
  8. Hairy Again

    When I was considering getting SMP and stalking the forums I also wished people would post more photos of every day life, different lighting, etc. So I'll do my best to do a lot of that... if you really stare you can see I still it's still not blending 100% seamlessly, but I think it's just a matter of needing to fade a tad/session 3 work next month. Kinda blowing my mind still that no one seems able to notice the change... I'm planning on revealing the truth to my roommate's girlfriend soon (she sees me every day), so I'll see what her reaction is on finding out
  9. Hairy Again

    Thanks - (hopefully not a full 10 years younger, then I'd be 14 haha, but I know what you mean!) Shaved for the first time today; I was a bit nervous again going into work and being called out because it seems like SUCH a huge difference to me, but not a peep. Just goes to show how much people are paying attention. I do think I've crossed the chasm, though, into new people I meet now categorizing me as "shaved head" vs. bald. Curious if the average age people guess I am has dramatically gone down... I usually get low thirties, so I'll have to ask some new folks and see what they think. Really impossible to tell from these photos, but the top is still a bit darker from the sides directly after shaving. I know people have talked about "blending down" the sides so it still looks spot on right after shaving, so that'll hopefully be a part of my session 3. Now I'm 16 hours out from shaving, though, and the blend is almost perfect. First two are taken in natural light indoors, second two are in harsh bathroom mirror light. After session 1 my new hair didn't show up at all in that same harsh bathroom light, so there's definitely been an improvement made.
  10. Any tips for first session?

    Congrats on taking the plunge. Just had my second session done (waiting to finally shave tomorrow). Prep for me was: make sure you're moisturizing your head in days leading up to the treatment. I popped two Tylenol pre-session and was hardly uncomfortable at all. Trust your practitioner, but I was glad I went a little conservative on the hairline height and then was able to bring it down second session. It'll be real red during/right after, but it fades to normal quickly. Plus, first session will be light. I was most worried about people noticing now that I suddenly had a hairline... I've seen 100+ people that know me well and no one's said a thing. Here's some pics of mine during/after session 1:
  11. Is smp a good option for me?

    The nice thing about SMP is, if you're already shaving/cutting your hair short like you are, it's always going to be a huge improvement. And the transition will be super easy for you — people will just think you're cutting your hair shorter and not really be able to tell why you suddenly look younger/better. Only people I think SMP may not be the best option for is if you're 65+... it's just not a common hairstyle on that age group so it can look a little odd, same way as if a dude had jet black hair at 65
  12. Hairy Again

    Thanks guys. Means a lot. Can't describe how awesome it feels just walking around the house hoping to see my reflection in something. My girlfriend keeps catching me just hanging out in front of the bathroom mirror. Here's a quick pic from a bit farther away
  13. Hairy Again

    It's me again, ya boi Soctopus. Second session completed yesterday; really pleased with results. Houston practitioner and I did about 9am-2pm with a few 15 min breaks; I had faded a lot since the last session so he was putting on a lot of density. Got to give him a ton of credit for his talent and attention to detail. We brought the hairline down about a 1/4 of an inch, and are really going for that broken/subtle hairline look. I had a small scar from a basketball elbow years back right at the new hairline, so we left that in. Still fairly red, but it's definitely settling down compared to even this morning. Can't wait to shave... we've got an in-progress pic, hairline guides, and one right after. Took a pic in the airport bathroom that day when lighting helped with the redness, and last one I took just now.
  14. Hairy Again

    Itching to have session 2, but I guess what's another week and a half when you've got your whole life ahead. Seems to be fading a tad more. It's strange - some lights it really shows, others it's hardly visible. I'm hoping it'll be more visible in harsh light after final sessions. These pics are both in the same room under same light; just changed where I was standing a bit and you can see the difference. Two days growth again on the sides:
  15. Hairy Again

    Here's some shots now a week after session one. It's faded, but as far as I've been told that's all normal as this is really just the base layer to more density/darkness. These pics are after 2 days growth, so you can see the difference if you're looking. Luckily still feels fine to walk around with in public, though, cause it just looks like I'm still thinning on top. Unfortunately had to move my next appt. to the 19th due to a relative's funeral, so I guess it'll be really settled by the time I get session two.