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  1. Getting caught out

    How did you know they had it done?
  2. Getting caught out

    The horeshoe for me shows right after I wet shave. Although it's very faint it's there enough to where it bugs me. I've always said if I had some hair in the back that eliminated the horeshoe and was bald everywhere else up top I would be fine with not wanting anything done. I'm content with being bald and how it looks and blends from the front view. I hate the look from behind in pictures and in the mirror though. It sticks out even after a fresh shave. It's amazing what a little hair in that area would do in fixing it aesthetically. Or being a darker ethnicity. I don't like the fake tans becuase they're all a little off. Even the good ones. I've tried a bunch and researched what was best. They're all off in color. I won't do tanning beds as it's to risky. The challenge with smp for me is taking the fresh wet shave and it matching my very light hair. I'm not looking to match a days growth. If I get it done I want it matched to when its freshly shaved. And that requires really light ink and tiny dots. Hang in there. Keep posting and hopefully it lightens up some more. We're here to support you in moving forward. Hopefully you can post some clearer pictures. It doesn't look awful. Just to dark. And the fact you're getting comments sucks.
  3. Getting caught out

    I'm a nw7. My sides are close to the same as yours. The pictures aren't the clearest but we are roughly the same. When I'm freshly wet shaved only a light horeshoe is visible. That's what I would want to match. Under bright lighting you would hardly be able to see my remaining hair or smp if it was done correctly. Under relaxed lighting it would be more visible but still very very light. I think it represents extremely poorly on the practitioner and the company that they'd go this dark even if it's only a shade 50. You shouldn't have to do spray tans or wear concealers to try to improve it. The practitioner should of started a small sample size of 60 and seen how that matched. If it was to dark then they should of been up front with you and went over your options. From the sounds of it you would of chosen not to have the procedure rather than be in the predicament you're in now where it's to dark. Really sorry for the situation you find yourself in and hope things improve. Or a solution is figured out. Concealers and spray tans are not the answer or what you should have to put yourself through moving forward to offset the darkness and mistake in matching.
  4. Getting caught out

    How light does it go up? 70? 80?
  5. Getting caught out

    What's the lightest ink they have? It's weird how dark 50 looks here. I remember Damien using 40 and it looked really light.
  6. Getting caught out

    I would like to see some pictures as well. It's good people like you are honest and give this side of the story. Sometimes on here members shame those who are bald into thinking they have to get this procedure or they will look like shit and their life will be ruined. If it's not completely undectable all the time it's not worth it. Would rather shave with a razor and grow some facial hair than be called out. Some treatments seem to be good enough not to get called out on. After researching this for multiple years this whole procedure is a really big gamble and you shouldn't rush into it. The consequences can be extremely bad. Good luck.
  7. New session with Zang, one year later

    Looks real good. Can you post in different lighting conditions? Either way thanks for the pic. Zang is one of the best. Is he still with HIS? Looking at his instragram it appears he might have went solo?
  8. Started journey in 2014

    What a nightmare.
  9. New session with Zang, one year later

    Any updates? Hope this didn't go horribly bad.
  10. Blending Issue?

    Really curious to see how the progress has been on this. This is the exact issue that has stopped me from getting this done. Any updates?