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  1. Questions

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond. My question regarding shaving was more that my hair loss is not symmetrical therefore the smp filled in area will be asymmetrical which would be obvious after shaving? Also what do you do following treatment if you cant shave your head for a week afterwards? Assume you are housebound for this week?
  2. Questions

    So i'm nearly 'there' in terms of selecting SMP over a transplant but have some lingering doubts, any help would be much appreciated: 1) My hair loss is not equal in terms of the fact that the regression to a horseshoe is less severe on one side. The general consensus on the forum seems to be that wet shaving the head gives the best results. If this is the case would the filled in area with SMP not look lopsided? 2) I am aiming for a very natural / minimalist look that i think will let me get away with not revealing i have had the procedure (I already buzz my head with a foil shaver). I have also read that you cannot buzz the treated area for a period of time following a procedure. If i cannot buzz my 'real' hair following a procedure will the SMP not be obvious thereby meaning that I would need to remain housebound for a week or so following treatment? This would mean three weeks off work if three sesssions are required? 3) Does Sun exposure cause damage (As in bleeding) or fading? Fading could be fixed (money not being a huge issue) whereas bleeding would be a real problem? I ask because I reguarly train for extended periods of time outside and usually have at lest one two week sunny holiday per year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think this forum is probably the best hair loss network I have come across.
  3. London City or Essex

    Hey would love to meet a real life SMP veteran as would love to see a close up in rael life before pulling the trigger. Happy to travel to you and would be much obliged if anyone could help