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  1. Any Recommendations

    Thanks everyone. What you guys are saying is what I was thinking-the left temple being too sharp and the density/hairline not looking natural. Appreciate all your input.
  2. Any Recommendations

    Hi All, Its been 3 months since 3rd session. What do you all think? I’m thinking of going back to get a more feathered look, especially on my left side. Also, just wondering if it looks too much like a helmet? I do like the job but thinking maybe a few changes could make it look more natural. I would appreciate ya’lls input. Thank you :-)
  3. A Few Questions

    Thanks Haleyed, Really appreciate the feedback. It's still looking great! Tomorrow is my second session so I will post fresher pics soon.
  4. A Few Questions

    Hi Everyone! Just wanted to post a quick follow up after my first session with Lauren in the Birmingham Clinic. These pics were taken last Wednesday, one day after my first session. What do you all think? My second session is tomorrow and I’m super stoked! Thanks all for your advice and thoughts on these forums. It’s all your posts that made me decide to go through with this procedure.
  5. A Few Questions

    Hi Guys! First off, thank you to everyone who has posted on these forums. It's been really cool being able to hear all of your stories, as well as watch the video testimonials about their SMP experiences. I'm from America but work "across the pond" for work, so I have booked my 3 appointments in January at the Birmingham clinic with Lauren. I'm really nervous but really excited at the same time. I have a few questions I was wondering if you all could help me out with. 1.) Are you supposed to wet shave with SMP or electric shave your head? Does it depend on NW scale as to which kind of shave you're supposed to use? 2.) How long does the redness last after the treatment? Is it ok to wear a hat after the treatment to hide the redness until it goes away? 3.) This one is more for fun, but what's it like not wearing a hat out in public? Other than work, I can't remember ever stepping outside without a hat on in the past 10 years. Thank you all for your time. I really appreciate it and hope you all have a great day :-)