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  1. Hello and question from Miami

    Thanks again Ed. Will do. Hairguy, looks like there’a hope for us
  2. Question about Houston Clinic

    I just realized there’s no direct phone number for reaching the individual US clinics, they all list the same company number. I guess I’ll call the central office again tomorrow and try to explain.
  3. Hello and question from Miami

    Thanks for your continued help and support, Ed.
  4. Hello and question from Miami

    It seems like hairguy had a similar encounter, so I don't think I'm the only one in Miami with this (mis?)information?
  5. Hello and question from Miami

    Ed, this is mighty odd. Because I called again today and was told the same thing. Am I living in a parallel universe? I was actually already discussing going to the Houston clinic (which I might end up doing anyway, since somebody recommended Ian Dennis to me). Do you know who's currently practicing in the Miami office? I will try to call their direct number Monday to see if someone picks up.
  6. After some feedback from members, and seeing that the clinic in Miami is no more, I decided to do my touch up in the Houston clinic. Is it possible to communicate directly with the Houston clinic, to have the consultation with their particular practitioner, before I book a session? When I called the company's parent line, they directed me to fill the online consultation form - which seems generic and quite frankly I don't want to spend time on it. I've already been through the process and I know exactly what I want and just need to go over it with the Houston person. Should I just go ahead and directly call the Houston clinic?
  7. Hello and question from Miami

    Thanks for sharing hairguy! I wonder how many ex-HIS clients from south Florida are in our boat. I was told yesterday that the Miami clinic has gone completely out of service, and that traveling to a different US location has officially become our only option You mentioned the LA location. Is that were your preferred practioner is? I'm a bit out of the loop and I'm not sure which current practitioner would be best for what I'm looking for. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know!
  8. Hello everyone, I did my SMP at the Miami office some 4 years ago. Before I begin, let me say that I believe SMP to be 75% art and 25% science, and I was lucky to have a talented HIS practitioner who was also willing to accommodate my artistic and personal choices (I prefer a very natural look that resembles my early thinning pattern to a strong look). The result was a very natural looking SMP that matched exactly my baldness pattern when I was ~24, to the point that even my mother and sisters couldn't pick it up when they visited me several months after I had it done. That said, when I had to come back to fix a spot that had faded close to my hairline, the practitioner that did the original procedure for me had left and I was assigned to a new person. As I said before, I truly believe that the SMP is 3/4 art, and the problem with art is that opinions vary. There is no right and wrong, and everyone is entitled to their stylistic choices. Unfortunately, I could not see eye to eye with the artistry of the new practitioner. For many months I would feel uneasy about the choice of color gradiation, spot depth, angle, outer contour, etc of the newly applied SMP. It just felt and looked very different from the rest of it. And I am most definitely not just talking about the typical fading you see after the first few months. I'm talking about a clear technical difference that remained evident for several years afterwards. It took 3+ years for that spot to fade enough to the point that I am near completely happy with my SMP once again. And I say near completely because now I have a predicament. Pushing 4 years, I feel like I need a refresh session. I am, however, weary about going back to the Miami office and ending up with a similar experience. Again, I am absolutely not trying to fault anyone. I am talking strictly about artistic choices (and boy am I picky with those). I called the office a few months ago and was told that the Miami office was further downsized, with only intermittent operations now. I asked around and was told that the practitioners with artistic styles I'd most favor are in other offices in the northeast or midwest. I started thinking about maybe traveling to one of those offices but the costs quickly add up, so I decided to wait. Recently, I found myself looking around for local alternatives, which I then talked myself out of. The reason I went with HIS is specially because it was a company with a track record who stands by their product, and I simply do not want to take the risk of working with independent practitioners, even if they agree with my artistic choices. Finding that I'm back at square one, I thought maybe seeking some help/advice on the forum might be worth exploring. I guess I don't know what exactly a solution for me would look like, but I'm willing to hear you guys out. Please feel free to contact me directly by PM and I can provide you with my contact details. Basically, can we please get some love back in Miami? Been feeling a bit neglected down here Thanks in advance for any suggestions!