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  1. Advice neeed from users & professionals.

    She didn't say much. Presumably some kind of a reaction to pigment + she mentioned that I had a bit of seborrhea that was mostly on the back of my head where these spots were Atm i don't have these spots anymore but unfortunately most of the pigment is gone now. I'm not sure whether I should try doing tricopigmentation again or not.
  2. Sorry, I meant "needed" , of course Disclaimer: My tricopigmentation wasn't done at HIS clinic. It's not available in my country, so I had to look for another clinic. About 12 months ago I had my first tricopigmentation done. I saw the master's works and I liked them. He used Purebeau(Germany) pigments. However, after everything was complete I faced certain issues related to the procedure. I was warned that I could experience redness on my skin and that it would last x days and I was prepared for that. However, what I wasn't prepared for was this: Whatever it was it lasted for months and disappeared only after ~ 9-10 months with most of the pigmentation in other places (it's a short term tricopigmentation and it should be renewed within 1-2 years) He told me that I probably had some reaction(it didn't happen when we did a small test on different sides of my head) and the only thing that we can do if we are to do the procedure again is to experiment with another pigment.The problem is, a head is such a visible part of our bodies that I just can't afford experimenting with my scalp ;( I had to hide all this throughout the year and to go through all this if it happens again .. I just can't.. There was another problem, not as bad as this one. He tried to do it several times but for some reason ( my skin is kinda oily) most dots at my forehead either disappeared within days or got really blurry. He tried putting pigments at different depth to see what would work best but it didn't help much. Has anyone else had similar issues (especially the first one) with scalp micropigmentation or tricopigmentation?? If you have, how did you resolve them? Thank you.
  3. Shaving bald for the first time

    you should definitely shave it all and get SMP. You\ll look great
  4. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    Looks fantastic . Congratz
  5. Open Days in New York City and Glasgow

    I wish I was there
  6. His coming to cardiff

    It would be nice