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  1. Hairpiece to smp

    I guess what I really want to know, is would I come out of first session with a fully covered head of smp that looks like iv just shaved everything off?
  2. Hairpiece to smp

    Thanks for that, it's reassuring to know it worked out for you
  3. Hairpiece to smp

    Thanks for that info
  4. Hairpiece to smp

    Iv been getting my hair glued on for 30 years, before I actually went bald, I have to go every 6 weeks or so, only My wife knows, but as I'm now approaching 60 I think people may be wondering why im not going bald. I'm thinking of having smp, but wondered if it can be done while still retaining my present hair System while I undergo the 3 sessions that seem to be required to complete the smp, so that on the final session I can buzz my remaining hair so it looks like iv just decided to change to the close buzzed off look. I look forward to anyone's thoughts