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    Hi Guys this is my first post on here since i had my treatments in the Manchester clinic. I am 55 years old and had the old plug hair transplant procedure back in the late 80s. ( big mistake but hey young and foolish back then and no internet lol ) Had been looking into smp with his for quite a while mainly to camouflage my scar area! Anyway here are some pics of my before my 1st session in Manchester. Will upload photo's of my first session results shortly.

    Thanks 2hanger Yeah didn't want my hairline to sharp just natural looking. My scar area is still taking time to settle down. Will upload more photo's next week which will be exactly one month after my 3rd session.

    These photie's i took on the 14th November exactly one week after my 3rd treatment. The outdoor photo's of my back of head transplant scar look really promising! i can hardly see as much of the scar as previously! But you have to be careful as different light shades show different views! My transplant scar is still dark as of today (16-11-17) so it will be a while yet before i can really see how it looks? it takes a lot longer to settle! But up till now really pleased with it. But as i said i will be waiting to see how everything settles in the coming weeks? My next photo updates will be after exactly 28 days from my 3rd session:)

    Here's some photos i took the morning after indoors again. As previously mentioned this is after my 3rd session. Will post most recent photos shortly

    Sorry for the delay with my updates. Anyway i had my 3rd session on the 7th November this month. I had a good talk with my practitioner about all my concerns and what was mentioned in my posts previously. Got to say he was brilliant and i felt so much better after talking to him. As for how my session went well you can see from the photographs i have uploaded. I took these as soon as i got home so it's not natural light obviously! I am just going to wait and see how things go from here as regards fading etc? I will upload more photos shortly.

    Great stuff Lee James thank you for the info!

    Hi Lee James many thanks for your feed back i really appreciate it even more so cos you have experience of scars similar to mine. Yeah i realise i will probably have to have few sessions when it comes to the scars at the back of my head and as i've said previously it would be foolish of me to have expectations that it will miraculously become unnoticeable!! I just hope i can get really good camouflage as possible so it's not even remotely as noticeable as before? Yeah i get what you say about different light conditions but there's really nothing we can do about that and to be honest as i said as long as i can get good camouflage coverage so it's not standing out so much! .. Just so much that i don't feel that much self conscious as i was before when going out in social situations! I always shave usually 'to the bone' with a razor so i'm used to that style now especially if i was to go out socially. If it's just out and about casually i maybe might just use my Phillips electric shaver. Yes my scar at the back of my head was very dark after each session but as i work from home that makes me lucky that i don't have to go out and people would notice it at work place etc! I did read somewhere on this forum by some guys about laser treatment to have their HT scars flattened more before having their smp done. Can i ask what 'skin coloured sunscream' did you use? I use Loreal anti shine moisturiser which was recommended on here. And what type of laser treatment did you have? i take it you had it done before your SMP treatment? How much was it? Once again thanks Lee James for your feedback and comments great to hear from you mate

    LOL but the email address is not the one i used for my treatment or communication with you?! In fact it's a different name?! Which is why i used it to remain anonymous?! No worries though i understand your only trying to be helpful through all this and i do appreciate hearing from you

    Thanks for your input Admin. How did you know who my practitioner was and who i was as i'm anonymous on here? My photo's too revealing?! As regards my fading after my 1st session i thought i had really severe fading so thought the obvious conclusion for my next session would be to go darker? But i think he mentioned something about no he'll just go deeper? ( presumably with the needle?! ) But if the shade isn't right (eg dark enough ) then density will still look the same?! ( like filling in a white board with a white marker same result at the end - same appearance! .. use a black marker and you'll see a change ) if you know what i'm trying to say? I read another post on here from one guy who wanted to go darker so opted for another practitioner at another clinic went a few shades darker and his end result was fantastic! Yeah listen i'm just airing my thoughts, doubts, hopes etc on here and not trying to be negative in any way! I'm just waiting to have a good talk with my practitioner for my 3rd session and discuss my thoughts, concerns to him? Then take it from there.

    LOL yeah i heard about the immune system stuff! But i did ask to go darker at my 2nd session but he said no we will stick with the same shade? Was obvious to me if it faded like it did after my 2nd session then it's going to fade the same second time around! But just how long do they keep hitting it? i don't have an infinite money bank!

    Thanks for your feedback checkingthisout i appreciate it

    I understand what your saying checkingthisout but honestly i'm not expecting 100% camouflage for my transplant scar! I'm talking generally about my overall look after 2 sessions. i think the 3rd session which i will have to have after committing financially thus far will have to improve my overall appearance drastically from what it is now! I wanted to use a razor today to really see it how it looks. I shaved my head to the bone for the first time today since my 2nd session and you can still see my 'horseshoe baldness shape from the back and the top of my head! So looks basically like i've had nothing done there and there's been fading all over! I normally use an electric shaver but now and again i will have a wet shave and shave my head to the bone! I'll say again about my expectations.. i know my scar will probably take a bit more work and even a top up under the Guarantee? i'm not expecting miracles! But aside from my scar issue it's fair to say i was expecting a better result after 2 sessions? But hey i'm just gonna wait until my 3rd session and discuss my concerns with my practitioner and go from there. Hopefully i will be posting a lot more positive results? As they keep saying it's a process a journey!

    Thanks for your comment checkingthisout. Beginning to wonder this myself? To be honest i don't know why they have consultations or online consultations?! .. everyone seems to get the same quote.. yes you'll need 2 or 3 sessions?! Can't see how anyone would only need 2 sessions?! .. i'm going to have to pay for a 3rd session definitely! As for the Guarantee! . don't know exactly what that means? .. a full density job or just a top up like i've heard a few times on here! So if i'm not happy after the 2 treatments i was quoted i should just ask for my Guarantee to kick in instead of paying out nearly another £1,000 for a third session?! It's all confusing to be honest! Can someone who's maybe used their Guarantee clarify it if they would and what kind of treatment they had eg top up, full or partial density? To be honest the way i'm feeling now if you'd of showed me the results i have now after 2 sessions for what i've paid i wouldn't of gone ahead with it! I'm going to have to pay for another 3rd session and take it from there? I've read in this forum that it's a journey well at this point in time of my journey i'm feeling down and i'm just being honest about everything! Going to leave it another week before i post any more photo's.

    Thanks 2Hanger appreciate your comments and will keep you updated after my 3rd session!

    Just going to see how much i fade the next 2 or 3 weeks? If it's a lot i'm going to book my 3rd session asap!

    Forgot to mention when i was talking with my sister she never saw the back of my head as i think that is still definitely noticeable as of now and will take a lot more time to settle?!

    Just to clarify His Ed .. when you say i am inevitably going to require more ( as regards my scars ) i did have an online consultation and sent in my photos of my scars and was quoted 2 sessions maybe 3 ( 3rd session not included in my initial finance cost) which seems the norm for just about everyone? .. so if i'm not happy after my 3rd session will the Guarantee then kick in? or am i going to have to fork out more money down the line?! ... the potential ongoing costs has me worried!

    Hi 2Hanger thanks for your comments much appreciated. I had my 2 sessions done in Manchester ( not sure if i'm allowed to say who the practitioner was? ) But his initial is D I've had the scars for over 20 years i got the old hair transplant plug surgery done in the late 1980s. I've only told my Mum i've had it done and she said it looks fine. I'm lucky as i'm self employed and work from home so i haven't been out anywhere really. About 30 mins ago i was talking to my sister in the house and she never said anything or seemed to notice! I've been shaving my head fully for about the last 2 or 3 years! To be honest i'm not bothered if i did tell everyone because i suffered for all those years with a very noticeable hair transplant so if i can get a good finish result with smp it will be worth it! Hope that helps?

    Yes i understand about the scars and i'm not expecting them to be completely unnoticeable that would be unrealistic! but yeah if i achieve about 90 % camouflage i would be happy with that outcome. Just think i maybe need to go darker though overall as regards the shade? Last thing i want is to be able to hardly notice a hairline or look as if i'm still balding after spending all this money?! But as i've said i will wait till my 3rd session and to see how much i fade in the next 2 or 3 weeks?

    After seven days after my 2nd session was hoping my scars at back and top of my head would of been less noticeable and thought i would of had much more density all over? ( will definitely have to go for a 3rd session ) But as i say having read various comments on this thread this is a gradual process i suppose and my thoughts and concerns are all over the place just now!! Looks ok under some light conditions but not under other light conditions which i know is going to happen anyway?! Doesn't help with me being a perfectionist and little patience!! lol Hoping to get some feedback from others on here who have had the treatment done also and get their thoughts too?

    So here's some more pics i just took indoors. These are 7 days after my 2nd session. Just going to see how it goes from here? Any feedback would be welcome guys

    Here's some pics i took today as best i could in natural outdoor light. This is 7 days after my second treatment! Will upload more pics that i took inside shortly.

    2Hanger i will take some more photo's later and post them here later today.

    Yeah i'm hoping to see a big improvement after my 3rd session? Having read comments on this forum i was hoping the second session would of been more of a wow factor but maybe that was me expecting too much too soon?! Starting to cross my mind i might be spending a lot of money for not much improvement?! But will have the cost of a 3rd Treatment before i suppose i can have a more fair judgement? Having read a lot of comments regarding other peoples concerns fading/ density etc etc after treatment i suppose i'm going through the same thing now?

    Thanks for that Admin i hope so. Still worried about enough density overall over top and back of head as top plug scars seem to be still quite noticeable and i'm sure it's going to fade more?! But will update over the coming days and weeks.