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  1. Buzz cut number 1 clippers

    You have basically the PERFECT type of recssion for SMP. Very similar to mine, but you have even more remaining hair. My advise is to keep your existing hairline. Don't lower it. Your current temple recesion looks "mature" in a good way; the only real aesthetic issue you have is the sparseness in the middle. Use SMP to fill in the loss areas, but keep the hairline. You will absolutely be able to use a 1mm no-guard buzz. It'll all blend together to eyes and to touch and look great. Buzz every 2-3 days. But if you take the temple recession down any further you risk looking weird/unnatural/young. And risk having a harder time mixing with a 1mm buzz. Check out my topics for my decision with fairly similar hair.
  2. I feel my real hair, as if I had a very short buzz cut. Which I do. Just feels a bit less dense than on the sides. SMP is GREAT for diffuse thinners that still have some hair/stubble in the area but just need help visually filling it in.
  3. Without a doubt the best thing I've done for my appearance. Love it. So happy with the work. Looks like I have a slightly-receding buzz cut now; not "bald" at all. Post pics of your head!
  4. Need feedback

    looks great / can't notice / who cares
  5. How’s my first session looking?

    The big dots are scabs / wounds. Don't worry about them, they'll go away.
  6. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    Your headshape and existing hair seems like it would be great for SMP. Go down to a no-guard buzz and see if you like it. It won't look that much shorter than what you currently have. IMO the white lines are perhaps a bit aggressive/young for mid-30s. You could fill in below your existing hairline with SMP, only the thinning spots, and no one would be able to tell it was fake at all.
  7. Fresh buzz with a no-guard Remington HC4250 wide/curved blade buzzer. Would love any thoughts/reassurance. Hair length ok here, or will I need to go much lower? This is a no-guard buzz, which my HIS HAIR practitioner said would work fine. Anything you think I should be telling the practitioner? I'm going for a very natural look under the current hairline on the forehead area. Plus fill in the crown, as you can see in the last pictures. I want to keep recession in the temples area, so a "peninsula" of hair coming out into my forehead. Perhaps a somewhat sharp angle where the new "hair" meets the temples...? Would that look more or less natural than more of a "curve" to meet the hair? Any advice on how to style this? Thanks! Current pics: https://imgur.com/a/kFJcV
  8. More details: I still use my wide-blade Remington HC4250 with no guard. I think it's the best device on the market. Works perfectly for my SMP. For the buzz cut, my SMP treatment may be a bit atypical though. I went with the pretty receded temples, which I'm extremely happy with. The SMP dots are almost entirely within/under my existing natural (though very thin) hairline. I still have 3D hair in the area, and the SMP just kind of mixes in and darkens the natural stuff. Works very well for 0-2, perhaps 3, days after shaving. On days 3 or 4+ the illusion starts to break a bit. Just looks like "bad balding hair" though, rather than "weird tattoo skin condition" or anything like that. I just make sure to shave it ASAP. The buzz cut might work less well on SMPs where the hairline has been dropped significantly. Or people who have a slick-bald head rather than the kind of diffuse thinning that I have. But for me and my SMP the buzz continues to be the best option, which is what I was doing prior to the SMP as well.
  9. First session smp

    repost the pics my man. We'll help with the hairline. I went with a very receded one myself and can offer suggestions.
  10. The second treatment has really darkened things up and filled in the density. Loving the new look! Looks even better in person. I'm actually most liking the 24-72 hours after shave timetable the most. The SMP mixes well with my existing hair, which I suppose I still kind of have a lot of, and gives the entire area a much darker showing, but without having any major 2D/3D mixing issues. Similar to how people use SMP for increased density / scalp coloring in otherwise long hair, I think.
  11. I went back to work today btw. Had been planning to work from home, but so I decided to just go in as the redness is down and there's no dramatic change. It's unrecognizable to coworers as a "new hairline", which is just as I wanted it. Basically just filling out my existing receded hairline with more density. Liking it a lot. The redness shown in the "after" pics was gone within 4 hours or so of treatment. Currently the individual dots are dark enough to match my hair, but the SMP area still looks significantly lighter overall than the hair. I guess this will be matched by the density of the 2nd session?
  12. I did my instagram hairline research, and this was the main pic I liked for what I was going for. The top pictures, before SMP! The shape of this guy's hairline/recession BEFORE the smp is perfect. He just needs a tad more in the temples where it's becoming an island. Looks good with the younger hairline SMP too, everyone has a different look they're going for.
  13. First treatment done! Worked with my practitioner to develop a pretty receded hairline. Hard angle into the existing temple hair + narrow peninsula. Curious what you think of the shape and if there's anything I should tweak in the second session. I think I'm really happy with the line we've done. The feathering on the line itself is great as well. Excited for the redness to go down, but very happy so far. Wearing a hat at the moment but can clearly see how this will be fine for non-hat wear very quickly.
  14. Nice, your SMP looks really good. I like the scar. It actually kind of illustrates what I'm thinking about for my hairline. Yours looks less-receded in the temples than my current hairline, I think. I seem to have sharper receded temples. I'm wondering if something more like the below would look better for me / match my current hairline more.
  15. Hello all, I discovered this SMP procedure a couple days ago, and have been thinking about it excitedly ever since. Feels like it might work for me. Was hoping for some others' opinions. I currently shave my head with a Remington HC4250AU using the "2mm" guide. I actually really love this haircut, and would probably do something similar if I had a full head of my younger hair. It used to grow into something like a curly 'fro. Not great. Keeping it short is definitely the way to go. HOWEVER, I've never gone full-on scalp cut. 2mm buzz is the lowest, which I've been doing for 2 years or so. Would something like my current hair work with SMP, or would I need to cut considerably closer to the scalp? The pictures are the 2mm buzz + about 4 days of growth. I'm going to shave again tonight, using the 1.5mm guard this time. I'm also curious about how SMP would look on my forehead. I definitely do NOT want a defined fresh barbershop line across my forehead. Looks great for the African and Latino guys, but IMO not so much for the white guys like me. Unfortunately it seems like most of the pictures I see have that clean line look. Any advice or pictures for more of a natural/receding/faded look? My current hairline is perfect, just need more hair! Thanks for your thoughts! Pics in next post.
  16. Went with the $30 amazon rotary shaver mentioned above. Got zero comments about a new hairdo at work, despite this cut feeling a lot more shaved/bald than I was feeling before. Loving it with a bit of stubble. Pretty damn bald immediately after the shave though, that was weird. Going to try shaving with it again tonight and see how much it takes off.
  17. Immediately after shaving with a rotary-head shaver: 36 hours later:
  18. Feeling great. Probably going to keep cutting at this length regardless of SMP. Might buy a foil or rotary shaver and try that.