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  1. Blonde Hair SMP and Possible Future Log

    Thanks for the feedback. I would agree, for the most part about blonde hair stubble. My hair is medium to darker blonde and my beard comes in reddish brown so I could probably do something similar to what you did, maybe just at a slightly lighter shade. It seems like this would likely be the best option. I would rather have the treatment be visible in multiple lighting scenarios. If and when, I do get this done, is there anything to tell the practitioner? I know that SMP is done this way some of the time, but more often the practitioner is just matching existing hair. Btw, I totally respect removing the pics for privacy reasons. The less pictures floating around the better, probably. If you'd be willing to message any over I would appreciate it, if not no worries
  2. Blonde Hair SMP and Possible Future Log

    Thanks for the input so far guys. I am glad to hear that the spot in NYC is still up and running. PassiveAggressive, glad yo hear that I am not alone! Would you mind posting any pics of what your procedure looks like?
  3. Blonde Hair SMP and Possible Future Log

    I will most likely have it done in NYC. I was planning on shaving down the day before the procedure if that is an option. I still have to schedule the consultation. That will be something I do in the next few months.
  4. Hey guys, This will be my first post on this forum, but I have been lurking on here for a while already. I know that SMP is not only possible for those with light hair, but also often times, looks pretty damn good. I have seen a few examples so far, such as the Bald Ego, Magnus, and Ray in the before and after area. I have seen a few people like Kojak, who went darker on their entire head. From what I can tell this looks good too, under the right circumstances. Kojak if you're still on here, or anyone else who did something similar, I would like to see what that looks like, with more pictures. Any way, the bottom line is that I am almost certain that I am going to get this procedure done soon. I am 27 years old and probably a NW 2.5 slowly moving towards a 3 and beyond. I still wear my hair medium length and im pretty sure that no one really knows that I am balding yet. I doubt that I can get away with this for much longer though. Instead of taking drugs for the rest of my life that would potentially kill my boners and my wallet, I have decided that a shaved head plus SMP is a much better long term solution. It kind of fits my lifestyle as it is anyways. I am a personal trainer and small business owner and the low maintenance, alpha, military look appeals to me. If I get this procedure done soon I doubt anyone, except for a select few, would even ever know that I was balding at all, which would also be ideal. I would be looking to shave it down, for the first time, about the same time as getting SMP. This is something that some of you, may advise against, but I feel like its the best option for me. I guess my questions for you guys would be: 1. Can someone with as much hair as I have left get SMP without issue? 2. Can I get some input from other light haired/light skinned guys who have had this done? Pics are awesome too 3. Any general input/advice from anyone else would be appreciated too. Thanks everyone! This truly seems like an awesome group of people on here. I look forward to being part of the community and sharing my results when I eventually do get the procedure done myself.