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  1. Before and After

    I'm trying to get my wife on board with me getting SMP. I'm not a bitch but if I don't get her approval and it turns out bad then it will always be "I told you so". Is there a link to all the before and after photos? Is there a link to all the before and after photos for people with strip scars? Something so I don't have to search one by one and look through each discussion. Also, what's the deal with HIS partnering with Bosley in Chicago? Is that for all locations? Bosley is the company that screwed us all in the first place with the hair transplants. How do I know they are qualified to do SMP? So the practitioners are doing hair transplants as well as SMP? I would rather have an expert who only focused on SMP.
  2. Looking to meet in the Chicago area

    checkingthisout - sounds right. People eventually move on and stop posting. Ed - I thought about just getting the strip scar treated but I have also had a FUE procedure done. So I'm thinking that if I decide to move forward I should get the entire head done.
  3. Looking to meet in the Chicago area

    It looks like no one is going to respond. Is there a way to see all the photos of scar camouflage that have been posted on the forum?
  4. I'm considering getting SMP. I have a strip scar and it is the main reason I have delayed getting SMP. Looking for someone in the Chicago area who has had SMP to camouflage a strip scar. Want to see how it looks. It will help me make a final decision.