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  1. TORONTO Clinic

    Thanks for the tip Cutlass18 I got through quickly when I called earlier ,,,at first I didn't realize the 1-855 number was putting me through to the UK so when I took the time difference into consideration I've had no problem getting through. ,,, and yes, his name is Shonith ,,very nice guy,,,quiet creative type who definitely has a knack for making small dots. I'm very impressed with him. He trained in Birmingham and had his own SMP done in New York !
  2. TORONTO Clinic

    Hi all ,, Just wanted to update that I had my first session almost 4 days ago and it went well My tech, not sure if we can mention names, spent a lot of time creating the overall shape with emphasis on the hairline and temples, and a smattering of dots within the frame he created . What really surprised me were the size of the dots,,,no bigger than an actual hair follicle ,,,if he can keep this size for filling in the shape he created, I will be a mighty happy camper ! I love the hairline and sides but it is my understanding that the first session is to create the shape and subsequent sessions are to work on density and blending ,,,am I correct on this ? In any case,i will try to post pics as I have before and afters, and go in for my second session this coming Thursday! ,,can't wait! ,,,I so love seeing that hairline !
  3. TORONTO Clinic

    Just got home from my consultation and it went great!! Really nice technician who answered all my questions, showed me a great hairline and side burns First session booked for next Thursday !! Can't wait !
  4. TORONTO Clinic

    Just wanted to update that I got through on the phone this morning and have my consultation booked for tomorrow ! I'm very excited !!
  5. TORONTO Clinic

    Hey Guys ! I've been following the forum for a while now and have read everything on the HIS website and have decided it is something I really want to do. So, I've been calling the 1-855 number for days now and never get through to anyone so I left a voicemail and waiting for a callback, I've also emailed the info@ and canada@ email addresses but no reply received as of yet. Does it usually take more than a couple of days to hear back from someone? I really want to book a consultation and get moving on this. I live very close to the Toronto Clinic and was wondering if I should just drop in to talk to someone, or is that not allowed? Just anxious I guess ,,, loving all the results I'm seeing so if there's a better way to get ahold of someone please let me know Any advice appreciated . Any recent experiences with the Toronto location ?
  6. They still don't know

  7. His coming to cardiff