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  1. Are you finishing smp

  2. Blending Issue?

    This picture was taken just now, 6 days after my second session and 36 hours after shaving it to the bone. It is still very obvious where my real hair and the SMP interfaces. The dots also look much bigger and noticeable than my real hair. I know that over time the dots will fade and shrink slightly; will that fix this issue, because right now it doesn't look... right
  3. Blending Issue?

    I was wondering if I could get some advice or information about my treatment. I finished my 2nd session at Harley Street on Thursday 17th August. I shaved my entire head this morning (on the 5th day as recommended), no problems at all. When walking to the train station my housemate pointed out that I had forgotten to 'shave' part of my head. What he was pointing out was that at the back and sides of my head where my hair naturally grows, there is nothing at all and looks completely bald, whereas where the pigment has been added there is a big contract and the appearance of hair. I figure that I will look best after 1 or 2 days of growth, when my hair at the back and sides will blend better with the SMP (I use a foil shaver that takes everything off). I've looked on the forum and people always say that their treatment looks best immediately after (sometimes wet) shaving their head. I have yet to come across somebody that has voiced the issue that I'm having. The attached picture clearly shows what I'm talking about. You can see where pigments have been added towards the the temple as well as at the crown. For me this clearly shows where my natural hair grows and where the SMP has been done, which is obviously undesirable. What are your thoughts on this? PS. I have been quoted for a 3rd session which I'm planning to book in 4 or 5 weeks once the ink has had time to settle, and so that expected fading in the future can be gauged.