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  1. Riktigt nöjd med SMP behandling i Göteborg

    Hei! Bra du er nöjd men inga bilder? /k
  2. SMP Birmingham Review Andra

    Hi! Looks great. When did you have your first session and the last? Did you see any in real life before you made a decision? Brgds Kristian
  3. 2nd day after 1st session - Am I flapping?

    Hi! I really appreciating your updates! /k
  4. Sending PM's to Ed

    Hi! Thanks for answer! Good for you! Every time i search about SMP i got confused by all different info, pictures so on, and i delay/move to later then have to search again:P I am worried about to straight hairline and a lot of things. I think i need to see a person with SMP in real life. /k
  5. Sending PM's to Ed

    Hi! Vin; i have seen many posts here and find your result as one of the best. When i read that you already need advice for your next step; i start be a bit worried/concerned. As i understand it there is only one year since your 3. treatment. Brgds Kristian
  6. SMP Update: 8 Years Later (with Pictures)

    Hi! Why didn't you broke up your hairline before roughly two years ago? Because the technique is better today? Brgds Kristian