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  1. consultation

    I chose to do business with HIS because of the good reviews and being the originators of smp was Paramount to me .. so I went with them .. plus some of the techs are masters at there craft .. ian was phenomenal..but that was last year ... Whats going on with HIS now is pretty sad and unacceptable..
  2. consultation

    I never stated any names .. so can u please tell me is there a reason y HIS has disappeared ? Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a back door phone number that I'm not aware of ? I paid a extra $1000 to get a 3rd service with 1 yr warranty.. I would like for his to oblige by it .. originally I was just going to just stay with the 2 treatments but I ponied up the ;extra $1000 for the 3rd and the 1 yr of warranty..
  3. consultation

    Wow they deleted my posts .. maybe they should focus more on customer support and less on silencing there customers
  4. ny office

    Well It seems that it's almost impossible to reach HIS ... I've read about how difficult it's been in the last few months but honestly I found that hard to believe as when I first reached out to them last year I had zero issues .. but that's not the case now , and I have a free touch up warranty session that I need to use and first they tried to say that I used it ! Which is incorrect and second I've called dozens of times to avail ALSO via emails ! .. definitely doesn't seem like a company thats stable rite now .. well definitely not my region .. very unstable! Just my 2 cents and definitely reasons to b concerned about HIS!
  5. Is HIS clinic in NYC closed?

    What I heard when I got my 4 sessions done there this summers was that they were going to close that 1 facility because 1, it was way to expensive to maintain (rent wise in soho district ) 2. Overkill.. Just way to big of a facility for them.. Hopefully they open in another part of the city. I coudnt imagine them skipping the NY NJ PA market
  6. HIS HAIR = horrible customer service

    So sorry about ure negative experience.. its pretty unacceptable that youre being treated that way ..I on the other hand got the opposite.. im working with them on getting repairs done on my scar and actually got good service ... hopefully u can get them to fullfill and accomodate ure needs ... what clinic did u go to if i may ask? Did u call them instead of via email? Calling worked for me
  7. Scar and length of hair

    Thanks .. im going to keep optimistic and head back to ny on sat and see if we can resolve this...the cluster of dots and the blotchy spots do worry me a lil.. but im going to keep the faith.. shame because other than a lil more density in my crown area the smp looks great .. but as it stands rite now im still a prisoner to the hat. Thanks again and will keep u updated .
  8. Scar and length of hair

    The more i read about smp and scars the more i believe that blending is not going to solve anything.. my dots are to big and to dark... looks like the best solution is to laser the scar and start all over .. remember this, this is my 3rd seesion and its been dark since the 1st session .. what u guys think? I have a 4th session coming up next week but am i just wasting my time blending. im starting to believe its not the solution here. Also a lil surprised how common this issue is..
  9. Scar and length of hair

    Just called the his headquarters and made an appointment to go in next week for a free touch up ... they were very ptofeesional and accomodating... hopefully it can get blended in correctly.. my issue is that the dots started so dark and dense instead of light as to prevent the dark line effect .. so im guessing they have to add a bunch of density on the back of my head to hide the scar and the black line effect? That's the only solution I see
  10. Scar and length of hair

    Looks like a cluster of dots just placed all on top each other instead of finely small dots to give the illusion of hair.. that's what I gather
  11. Scar and length of hair

    Here's a few pics. U can see the blotchyness.. this was like this on the 1st session but on the 2nd session the practitioner blendit in..looked better but now the blending around the scar has subsided but the main dots in the scar hasn't.. very blotchy dots and large which give a profound line... what u guys think?
  12. Scar and length of hair

    Ok cool I'll take a better pic tonight and post ...def hate this scar shame cause really digging the smp ... oh well .. what's done is done
  13. Scar and length of hair

    This is with the aldis trimmer
  14. Scar and length of hair

    You guys think that when I got my sessions done I wore my hair with a 0 guard clipper and the practitioners adjusted my smp according to that length? And now as I went lower it looks darker ?
  15. Scar and length of hair

    Hello gents .. well I took my hair down with a Aldis trimmer today .. it's the lowest I've taken my hair since I've started my procedure.. did my 3rd session last week ... I've been keeping my hair down with 0 guard using my wahl clippers.. so issue I have is that my scar looks to b a bit too dense .. doesn't match the rest of my head so it looks more profound ... I've read that the best camouflage is to were ure hair real low especially when there's a scar involved .. so just curious on getting sum feedback of the guys outhere who suffer with these nasty transplant scars .. sad because I'm really digging my smp but hate the scar being so noticeable. I can keep wearing the 0 guard look but it's borderline on the length I can go. I'll try to post up a few pics ..thanks