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  1. Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    Your smp looks awesome.
  2. Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    I think it depends how much hair someone has left? I wet shave every 2 days. I get a little lazy during work holidays and it doesn't look as natural with more than 4 days growth.
  3. Hairy Again

    Hey soctopus. That's one of the best I have seen after 1 session. Looking forward to your updates bro.
  4. Did you see his follow up video when they lasered it all off? It was painful just to watch. If you get a good treatment then you should absolutely stick with the same artist.
  5. Dry scalp

    I was told it can effect fading slowly over time. I was recommended this, it's not like other moisturizers as its thin so it won't stick to your hair. As a bonus I've also noticed it reduces shine a lil too.
  6. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    This is today, 3 months after I first went to Ian. Results are beyond my wildest expectations.
  7. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    Just had a little touch up today to finish things off (mainly in crown areas) so most of what you see here is the treatment settled down... Extremely happy and overwhelmed, the bad treatment I had elsewhere ruined my life and I almost gave up hope. Thanks so much to his hair and Ian.
  8. Great scalp micropigmentation as usual from Ian. Happy for you Quan. :) And perfect look for the upcoming Texas summer!
  9. My 1st experience exposing SMP to the world

    I had wondered what had happened with you. I'm happy for you my friend and look forward to your update.
  10. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    Finished results after second session today. :) :) Will post more when settled.
  11. Bad treatment (Not by HIS) fixed in Houston by HIS

    These are all after one session. One more session on Monday. Will update.
  12. Below are my before n after photos. I felt like His hair and Ian Dennis were just as determined as I was to get the results that I wanted after getting a botched job done at another scalp micropigmentation establishment in Houston Texas. To emphasize on how bad the botched job was....I thought I was going to have to have it removed by a professional. Not only did Ian fix the botched job, he did a miracle transformation. My only regret is not going to see him first. Scalp Micropigmentation is the best thing out there when done properly, by the right person and company.