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  1. FUE on SMP

    Could you post pics of your SMP?
  2. Dots at hairline

    Pics? That’s the best way for us to understand your situation. But just going by your post, you seem to be fine. It hasn’t even been 2 weeks. Give it time, and trust me, you will see a change.
  3. SMP turning blue after some years

    He’s using a photo filter in the bottom two pics. No need to worry whatsoever. Source: Me, a 25 year old Snapchat/instagram user.
  4. Tips for SMP (post-treatment)

    Hey guys, I’ve now had SMP for a little over a year (15 months), and throughout that time I’ve come across numerous questions regarding after care on this forum, so I thought I’d give out my personal favorites in hope that it will help others. Im a relatively fair skinned guy. Not pale, but not super tan...y’all know what I mean. Anyway, one of the questions I’ve seen asked most frequently (myself included) have been in regards to sun protection. Personally, I think I’ve found the perfect product: Kinesys alcohol-free spray sunscreen It’s worked like an absolute charm so far, and keep in mind I live in San Diego where the sun is harsh. I’ve been able to not only prevent fading, but also get a decent looking “tan” up top. So for those in need of a solution, give this a shot! Another question I see asked is about cleaning the head. I tried product after product, and while they kept my scalp relatively clean per say, I was always concerned about the chemicals involved and wether or not they were doing more harm than good. Ultimately I came across a product y’all may very well already use: Neutrogena 3 in 1 cleansing wipes They are alcohol free, and keep your skin smooth and feeling fresh. As I mentioned, they are wipes, so it’s easy to use and doesn’t require rinsing afterwards (I still do for what it’s worth). I’d highly recommend this one. And finally, for those worrying about head shine: Peter Thomas Roth anti shine it’s been recommended on here before, and while it’s a bit pricey, I feel it does the best job hands down. (I apologize for formatting/spelling errors, I’m writing this on my phone haha) Hope this helps!
  5. Hair line is too dark.

    Looks great, man! Patience is always key.
  6. Head shine

    Peter Thomas Roth matte moisturizer is the way to go, brother. Hope this helps!
  7. What's products are used for reducing shine on head

    Peter Thomas Roth anti-shine is the best product available in my opinion.
  8. New session with Zang, one year later

    Looks great, brother! Zang’s work is just phenomenal ??
  9. 4th session blending issue :(

    It’s only been a little over a month, it will most certainly settle down with time. Looks great though, brother! Just give it a tad bit more time.
  10. Dry scalp

    Thanks for the replies, guys! They are much appreciated.
  11. Dry scalp

    Hey guys, I had the treatment done in June, and am thrilled with the results. I just had a quick question regarding dry scalp. Does the flaking negativity affect the treatment? And what steps should I take to prevent this? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello and question from Miami

    I understand the location isn’t particularly ideal seeing as you’re in Miami, but LA is DEFINITELY where you need to go for further work. Zang is brilliant at what he does, many consider him the best in the business, and he won’t let you down one bit.
  13. Shaving bald for the first time

    Hell yeah! You’ll feel reinvigorated soon!
  14. Blonde Hair SMP and Possible Future Log

    Hey brother, sorry for the late reply. I’ll shoot a few pics to you as soon as possible. The only thing I told my practitioner was my desire for a more receded look. Other than that, they are professionals and know just what to do. Honestly, I firmly believe after you see my pics, you’ll jump in head first.
  15. Shaving bald for the first time

    SMP will look incredible on you, brother! The beard/shaved head look is in big time. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same shit, then go ahead and do it man. You won’t regret it!