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  1. Hi guys, been almost 2 weeks now since my 2nd treatment and wanted to show my pics and get your opinion on it. It has settled a bit and looks quite uneven and patchy. Especially in certain lighting conditions or angles. Not just because of direct or strong light, but certain angles it really shows and people have made comments on it. After my 1st session, things were looking ok. Although there was the common fading everyone talks about, it was even and maybe just a few patches of excess fading. It was not noticeable the way it is now. At the 2nd session the practitioner commented that it was one of the better post first treatments hes seen, and that my skin accepted the ink very nicely, but that I was still healing as I was still significantly red on the parts of my scalp that had SMP done. The skin was peeling a bit as part of the natural healing process. I noticed that myself too, the result of 1st treatment looked good, looking back on things now and in some ways it looked better than the combined result of both treatments. During the 2nd session the practitioner had to stop many times as the flakes of my peeling skin was blocking the ink or doing something that was causing problems in the needle. And it seems like he had to clean the needle or the machine to get it to work the way it should. I do not know what happened in that 2nd session, but it just doesn't look good now. My own opinion is that I still needed time to fully heal from the 1st session. If one can not heal properly from that first session, then it can cause damage from the 2nd treatment I believe. The 2nd session can cause scar tissue to develop and cause certain parts of the SMP to fade very quicky or even almost disappear. As an example, in the 2nd session I asked the practitioner to fill in the section in the temples (which was not done in the 1st session as my own request) and that SMP there as held up very nicely and the pigmentation is very crisp. That was done just one time on fresh skin. I have contacted HIS hair customer service email with pictures and no response, it has been about 5 days. I have no problem going for 3rd session, but I just wanted to see what they had to say about this. Hopefully I can get some help and support here, thanks.
  2. Rapid fade on 'top up'

    The end result of SMP should look as if you just shaved your head. For your skin tone it actually looks right color. Even dark. As long as it is even and not patchy and you can see individual follicles pigmented that should be your concern I believe.
  3. Should you wait until 3rd session to rock your SMP?

    I think it depends. If it's fading you can still rock it. Cus it won't be noticeable that it is a hair tatoo. If it's uneven patches I suggest not rocking it until 3rd. Some people made comments about mine after 2nd session. But they were very close to me, it was at a get together in a home. But in my case it wasn't about fading, it was mostly because I needed more time to heal before 2nd session.
  4. Post-session 1 healing

    From my experience it's best to not do anything for atleast a week. No shower, no moisturizer. Your skin needs to heal and only time can properly do that. Putting stuff on your head (including chlorinated water from shower) might not be best idea. This is just from own experience.
  5. 12 days after 2nd treatment

    Hey guys, The main issue was not about fading. It was uneven patches of smp, and some spots where it looked like it was mostly just ink, and not individual dots of SMP. Which became noticeable when close to me. So wearing a hat for 30 days before 3rd session is not the answer. People have jobs and can't always wear a hat. To update, customer service contacted me about this and advised me. They were very understanding of my situation and now I am feeling much better. They quickly made an appointment for me go in for my 3rd session. Just shows how great this company is when they can understand when something is not 100% perfect and to make the customer happy and feel supported. This was the exact reason why I chose HIS hair because I was hoping regardless I would have the experience and support of a reputable company doing it. Knowing at the end it will turn out perfectly. The issue seemed to be because my skin is extra sensetive and needed more healing before further SMP. Thank you to this forum it's amazing we can discuss these things and get extra support.