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  1. Hairy Again

    gotta be patient bro most people on here have had 3 or 4 sessions.
  2. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    i dont think it would do any harm to sprinke around with a darker color. looks nice and natural as it is thouh. and yeah keep your hair shorter man! I got lazy over the holidays and doesnt look right with 5 days or more growing!
  3. "It's a tattoo", she said, rubbing my head

    You should work in story telling, that was a seriously heart stopping thread title lol Nice ending man and same for me. I've actually told people that it's SMP, they have analyzed my head and then thought I was joking with them.
  4. Hello and question from Miami

    I would either find someone in Florida or take a trip to Houston. It's about the same distance as I went for treatment.
  5. "Awkward" stage between first and final treatment?

    yeah the dots fade for like a month i think thats why they say your 3rd session comes 4-6 weeks afterwards. your hair probably needs to be shorter than that though imo. good luck.
  6. Shaving bald for the first time

    i personally think SMP would be a great boost for you, I started going to the gym as soon as my treatment settled. Shaved head look + muscles and I look like a different guy. Maybe a good idea to send your photos to HIS and ask for them a simulation to see how you might look with smp. I think they use photoshop or something.
  7. Would Anybody Be Willing to Meet In Dallas?

    Denver here. I will be in Austin next weekend if that is of any help to you, happy to exchange a free lunch for a scalp inspection I have had 3 treatment sessions at the Houston location.
  8. Tempting....

    your original quote is what you pay even if you need an extra session (at least it is in the US) then you're under guarantee for a year. I paid $4000 but I had minimal hair remaining. I've never been called out, just a few asking why I dont grow my hair lol Then again 99% of a good treatment is down to having a good technician and mine was excellent.
  9. Considering SMP in Ohio

    Agree with that. I flew from Denver to Houston and my treatment looks astounding. It's worth the extra time and money to get a good technician. I wouldn't go with any other company or any other practitioner.
  10. Go permanent, that's the ink they are used to using. Also as someone said above, the best results I've seen in the UK come from the Manchester clinic.
  11. 2nd session NYC

    That's great so far! Keep us updated when it settles. From my understanding of a natural hairline it usually needs a third session to finish things off anyway.
  12. 2nd session NYC

    Can't see after photo? Just the before one.
  13. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    It looks natural. But it doesn't match your side hair. You needed much more density. However taking photos close up, with flash on is not a smart way to see how it looks in real world.
  14. SHINE KILLER!! ++ for scars too

    What product are you referring to? Do u have a link? Thanks for the info
  15. Natural Outdoor Pic

    Welcome I'm confused about hairlines though. Did you ask for a broken or jagged or soft hairline? What type would you consider yours to be?