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  1. SMP on fut scar suggestions

    Hello, I had an fut procedure done about 5months ago and I'm looking to get my scar camouflaged so I can continue my buzzed style. I'm hoping to get this done in the next month or two before a big event. Few questions; 1. What is a rough estimate price range I'm looking at paying based off my pics? 3. Does my scar look like a good candidate for smp? 4. Would I be able to fue in hairs on the scar in the future if desired? Below are pictures of my scar, please let me know what you guys think. Any suggestions or advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance!
  2. 6 Months After Final Treatment

    Looks good op
  3. Laser for hairline adjustments?

    Any updates? It'd be nice if we can spot laser troubled areas. Making "permanent" not so permanent
  4. Made my appt

    Good luck op, this forum is awesome in obtaining knowledge for us. Can't wait to see your progress
  5. This is a good read, I can only get one done atm so I'll go with SMP first and possibly Fraxel in the future.
  6. I'm looking for suggestions on my scar as well. Please post pics