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  1. My expectations are realistic. I know I have to shave every day. I don't have a problem with light revealing my scalp like some guys do since that's the natural effect. However I do expect to not have any scalp showing. No patchiness. I want to be unable to tell where my border starts from my real hair vs SMP begins after using a shaver. How common is it for guys to have excessive fading after session 3? Every time I have a session it looks great, and then it fades (as expected) but then fades way too much. On my third session I went down to a #9 and I'm not even that dark skinned. My tech keeps reassuring me- he's a great guy and very skilled at what he does don't get me wrong. I Just can't help but feel bummed and worried about this not working out. At this rate I may need 4 to 5 hell maybe even 6 sessions for it to have the density to cover the entirety of my scalp.
  2. lol that was 4 years ago buddy I don't think he's gonna respond.
  3. I almost bought the Braun but many Amazon reviewers expressed frustration over replacement blades becoming very hard to find. The impression I got was perhaps they are phasing out the model. Instead I opted for its competitor, the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65. I love it. Japanese made so you know it's good. It's expensive, but SMP calls for committing to daily shaves and I figure I might as well go all out and get the best, especially since my horseshoe hair is still particularly thick and fast growing.
  4. Hmm according to the HIS Terms and Conditions: "The colorants used in the SMP™ treatment are made with natural ingredients (such as beta-carotene and iron oxide)." Source:
  5. My SMP journey

    Looks great man! Thanks for sharing. Hairline looks natural to me, doesn't look as low as I thought it would be based on your description. Idk if its cause of the lighting but I would also consider getting that 4th session as well to darken it up more, but like you said give it some time let things settle. Most important thing is the hairline looks great, you have consistent density all over, it looks sharp all around.
  6. Do certain medical conditions prevent HIS from performing SMP? In reviewing the medical questionnaire I could see why some conditions are a problem like HIV/AIDS or warrant physician sign off when it comes to healing problems and skin conditions, but am I really going to need a GP to OK SMP if I have high blood pressure? What medications would interfere with SMP? Also, I don't plan on having an MRI anytime soon (knock on wood) but if I ever do have one what do I need to know in the future? HIS pigments contain iron oxide.
  7. SMP settling.. HELP

    When was your first treatment (i.e. Are you still under warranty?) have you contacted your practioner? They're probably the best person to reach out to since they know your case specifically better than anyone one this forum. From my research I wouldn't think the settling would take that long tho, but I suspect one of the veteran posters will have a better answer. Do you have pics to share between 2nd and 3rd session va now?
  8. There are a bunch of great ones on this forum. Which SMP case study is your favorite and why? When it comes to the main HIS website, Arin's result is my favorite. But when it comes to the forum, I personally really like vince's 5 year update found here: Why? It's all about the hairline, baby. I'll say that I'm personally not much of a fan of the super defined straight look, and so his initial treatment was not my cup of tea. Furthermore, when I was going through this thread I didn't understand how he was going to have his hairline broken down without laser treatment without lowering the hairline lower than where it was thereby making it worse. When I saw those large ink dots, I didn't know what to expect. BUT that was before I understood how fresh off the ink pics were not indicative of the real final result. There's a common theme mentioned here - "SMP is a process" - and this case study really helped me to understand this. So when he finally posted his pictures of his new broken hairline after his touch up treatment I was amazed. Really fantastic result and I'm inclined to ask for a similar style when my time comes. So what's yours?
  9. Chicago (After 3 treatments)

    Looks great thanks for the tips! How have things been? Have you scheduled your 4th treatment? I was curious to know if you went in knowing what type of hairline you wanted or if your practitioner made suggestions or a combo of both?
  10. Chicago smp

    Any picture updates?
  11. You can see the ad on the main website. I got my sessions booked and saved 15% off my quotes price. #NewYearNewMe
  12. Simulation App Broken?

    Also I'd recommend maybe unpinning the simulation thread since BrokenHairline no longer does the simulations and the Facebook link is mentioned there as well. After using the chat feature on the main HIS website I was told to email my pics to them and expect to get them done and sent back to me in 48 hours.
  13. Simulation App Broken?

    At times I've noticed the simulation being advertised on a top bar and clicking it is a broken Facebook link. I've tried clicking "Virtual SMP" on the main page but it takes you back to the SMP main page. If you know it exists it might be a wrong link issue. Do you have the link?
  14. Celebs

    I'm pretty sure he's only doing it temporarily.
  15. Hello I was hoping to try and use the HIS's Facebook simulation app but it appears to be broken. Is this a new problem or is there another way to do the simulation?