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  1. 3rd Session (Black Guy SMP)

    Update: It's been three months. It has faded about 25%. Now i need to shave everyday to keep it looking perfect. I will be getting a touch-up session next week. Can't wait!
  2. Andra Dascalu is awesome. Birmingham smp treatment

  3. They still don't know

    But I remember your old posts you said one of your students did call you out.
  4. Anyone else stigmatized as a nazi...?

    Let people think what they want. When you try to control what others think of you, you will needlessly suffer. Just laugh it off and say "yeah i just initiated yesterday" its no big deal
  5. Can I use Castor Oil instead of Moisturizer??

    Nevermind. I got jergins wet skin, alcohol free with argan oil!
  6. Hey. I've been using Castor Oil and Tea Tree Moisturizer on my scalp and washing my scalp twice daily. Is this okay? I haven't gotten a chance to buy mattifying moisturizer yet. Thanks!
  7. 3rd Session (Black Guy SMP)

    Not going to lie, this shit hurt, but it was worth it. Day 2 of session three. It is expected to fade 15% percent. Dots are still a little big, but they will shrink. I requested bald fade style so it looks a bit darker on top, and fades to sides.
  8. Hey guys. I've been seeing thread after thread of guys complaining about how their 2nd session SMP looks, and how they received negative comments from others in public. I personally think that you should wait until your 3rd session to rock your SMP, just to be on the safe side... Sure, there are some guys are satisfied with only having 2 sessions with no problems, but they are the minority aren't they? This is just my opinion though. I just got my third session done, and have yet to rock it until it settles. I'm curious, what do you guys think? Is 2nd session enough to go out in public, or is it better to wait for at least the 3rd session?
  9. 12 days after 2nd treatment

    Doesn't look that bad, just some fading, no biggie. Remember it's still only the 2nd session. This just goes to show, nobody should show off their SMP after only after 2 sessions- especially if you aren't comfortable with it yet. Wait till your 3rd session to show off your head guys!
  10. 1.5 weeks post 2nd session. Not looking as expected

    Shave your existing hair. That's making it look way worse than it is, in my opinion. You have gotten a lot of fading, but don't worry it will be taken care of.
  11. Some interesting reactions

    Its funny how some of the guys on here with SMP let others pat and examine and their head. Lol i understand if its your girlfriend but to let random dudes touch your head seems kind of weird. Then again im a 6"2 but you guys of all sizes should realize that you dont have to let people pat you on the head if you dont want to. Just saying. By setting boundaries, not only will u avoid detection, but u will have a more sense of control as a man. Just my opinion.
  12. Celebs

    Do you think his SMP is a bit too dark?
  13. Smudging after 2nd session.

    I think I'm just being paranoid. I went to bed with a girl the other week and she didn't notice, even though I mentioned that I just cut my hair. I experienced some fading, but trust that it will be taken care of on the third session.
  14. Zang LA Consultation

    Zang is the fucking man. Judging from your posts, you probably went in with a very skeptical mindset and bad vibes, so that's what you got in return. Here's a tip: Do your research, but don't walk into a clinic with a stick up your ass and expect special treatment. You won't get good results like that- nor a good price quote.
  15. You definitely need more density. Cut your hair shorter too so that it blends seamlessly