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  1. HIS HAIR = horrible customer service

    I've been in long consideration for this procedure but the lack of positive reviews from the new practicioner from Toronto is unsettling. Even worse that no one from HIS seems to be responding to any of the above msgs. unfortunate, was really hoping to get it done locally. In such a big market, (3rd largest city in Canada and US), you'd think that HIS would bring down one of their best to build upon their practice here!!
  2. 1 week post 3rd. Still not as HIS says it will be

    Can you tell us if this was done at HIS in Toronto??
  3. Toronto Location

    Would also love to hear about any recent results from the new practitioner. It seems the two most recent threads started by Canadians/Torontonians in the common room thread are not too thrilled with their results. Looking for any solid testimonials to verify this clinician's work!
  4. Any Recent Before & Afters from Toronto?

    I didn't speak with the new practitioner for my consultation, I met him briefly but Ian and Ranbir took my consultation - the issue was not the consultation. The issue here is that the practitioner looked very young and for lack of a better term "brand spanking new". There are a lot of examples of bad SMPs out there and taking the plunge on this lifelong decision, I want the best-of-the-best to work on my head, with all due respect, not someone who's fresh out of training. One would this with such a large market as Toronto, HIS would ensure they have an excellent practitioner representing their brand. Not saying this guy is not good, but it's hard to get any information or real testimonials from anyone who's gotten the procedure done by him. Feel like I may have to look at some other SMP options - can't go into this with any lack of confidence....
  5. Any Recent Before & Afters from Toronto?

    I received a response from a HIS rep and they sent me the absolute worst quality pics, and only one set from the TO practitioner. This made me even more skeptical (see attached). In addition, the grammar in each of the emails was peculiarly "off", here's their response: "Dear xxxx, Thank you for your email, in regards to shaving your scalp fully if the consultant has advised for you to fully shave your hair down to grade 0-1 in order to achieve the look you are wanting we can therefore proceed doing this. If the consultant has advised you can keep the existing hair and therefore proceed with treatment we can therefore proceed." How many times can someone include "therefore proceed" in 2 sentences? It's as though their customer service reps are in a country that is ESL. I don't know, I really want this procedure done but I'm more skeptical now than before. If anyone has any advice or before and afters from the Toronto office within the past year, it would be incredibly helpful. Thank you.
  6. I went in for my consultation and am on the very cusp of booking my treatment. My only concerns are that I emailed requesting some examples of the new practitioner's work at the Toronto office (he looked super young, and I have read he's about only a year out of apprenticeship), but I haven't received a response from HIS yet on this. Can anyone share some before and after examples of their work by the new Toronto practitioner? Obviously I want to be 100% confident I'm getting the best with this lifelong decision. Please share! Much appreciated.
  7. Worst Decision ever

    Surfer, was the practitioner you chose a very young guy? I went in for a consultation today and asked to meet the practitioner, I was actually a bit shocked - he looked like he was 22 years old. That obviously scared me a bit, and now reading this string, I'm hoping it's not the same guy. Does anyone have experience with the younger practitioner in the Toronto office??