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  1. Worst Decision ever

    I had mine done by J--- last Sept and Oct, the very same practitioner. I only have glowing words for the guy, he was great. But, how about the time back when he was new, who knows? The less experienced you are, the higher the chance of f--(-ing up. Anyhow, this is along the lines of what I was worried about before -- what if, like Surfer, the practitioner you get is new? You pay big money for having your scalp used as training ground. Sorry, but this fact cannot be denied.
  2. Bath after SMP??

    i dunno about you guys, but i just followed the after-care instructions, and more. no water on scalp, no sweating, after treatment i literally played couch potato for 5 days with a/c and small electric fan pointed to my head. i kid you not. movie marathon, went out only in the morning and night time, light shower on the evening of the fifth day; still no heavy sweating, no walk under the sun. only back to normal shower and workout routine after 4 weeks. i thought to myself, "well, i f---ng endured a shiny bare scalp for many years, paid a small fortune for tiny ink dots,... what's one month of not having to sweat?" oh, and one more thing to avoid after SMP -- skinny jeans! No matter what you do, avoid skinny jeans at all cost. Skinny jeans and SMP don't mix.
  3. Texture

    another fan of foil shaving here. it leaves me with that peach skin feel to my scalp, and a bit darker sides that blends well with the ink dots concealing the dreaded horseshoe line. wet shave works well for some guys. to each his own really.
  4. 1st session done!

    that feeling will go away. and when it's gone you'd look back and think how silly you were, being too conscious and all. :-) i used to feel conscious when somebody was standing behind me, especially in elevators. now i don't give a rat's tail anymore even when i'm sitting down and somebody was standing close to me. you will get used to it.
  5. One Week Post 3rd Session

    Looks awesome, dude! I am now on 23rd day after session 2. I like the way it is now, so when the dots shrink/fade some more it won't be as ideal. I would prob'ly need a 3rd. Thanks for sharing/showing your pic.
  6. how realistic are we talking about

    Or,.... what if you got shot and died? The body doesn't produce hair tissue anymore after death; moisture on the skin dissipates, epidermis starts shrinking, thereby exposing length of hair that used to be buried on the skin, which makes it seem longer. Also, the ink dots shrink with the skin, magnifying the ink-real stubble contrast! $#!t, I never realized this before -- you should avoid death by all means when you have SMP. Or, you run the risk of being called out! "you effing bald corpse with fake scalp, you!" And,.. if you're gonna get shot, don't get shot wearing skinny jeans especially when you're in Iowa.
  7. Out of the mouths of babes.

    Ahh, so different from the "Babes" on the websites I frequently visit. ;-)
  8. Out of the mouths of babes.

    especially in mathematics. ;-)
  9. Any NBA fans? Does Correy Maggette have SMP?

    That's SMP alright.
  10. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Yes, Iowa, I have SMP that matches some growth. Norwood 5 ½ . [ Nephew meant he expected sandpaper on top because of how the dots appear real. :-) ] Hey, have you ever considered changing your handle to EndlessDiscussion (ED) ? Oooops, "ED". Not good. LOL. (Kidding!)
  11. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Day 19 post session 2: I can't contain my secret anymore. I had to tell someone before I explode, so I told a trusted family member. He could not believe it, he had to run his fingers on my scalp. Mouth agape, he said, "What the duck?!?! It looks so real!!! He had to feel where the horseshoe ends and the ink starts, inspected my head with his eyes 3 DUCKING INCHES AWAY!!! He was laughing all the time, "This is so ducking awesome. I can't believe your scalp is smooth to the touch, I expected sand paper." :-)
  12. What kind of sorcery is this?

    ... and don't forget the everfamous 3-word disclaimer: "Results may vary". :-)
  13. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I was walking on cloud 9 just an hour ago thanks to my new scalp. Now I don't want to go on living. LOL.
  14. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Regardless of it being legit or not, before that magic cure becomes available to you, baldness ain't gonna be what's on your mind anymore. It will be what senior diapers are on sale at WalMart.
  15. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Haha! It was from a Chris Rock standup comedy.