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  1. Are they still open

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of chat/ questions/posts on here are his still up and running ?
  2. darts legend RVB

    Is it me or is that a really bad procedure?
  3. FUE on SMP

    A few years back I went to Harley st for a fue consultation and I was told that my doner area was no good and don’t let anyone one tell you any different I contacted a company in turkey just to see if there was a chance and surprise surprise I was the perfect candidate but after doing some research I came to the conclusion that smp is the only way forward just need to get it done 👊👊👊 so be careful
  4. Worst Experience dealing with HIS

    Hello mate Not being funny but in my experience with his all I can say is there customer service has been brilliant. i don’t work or know anyone that works for them, and haven’t had the procedure yet but trying to find the time every time I call they answer the phone any emails I send I get a reply and I’ve been pestering them for well over 18 months ✌️✌️
  5. Thinning crown to add realism

    Where you getting it done
  6. Birmingham practitioners

    Is Danny still at Manchester
  7. Was about too book

    Has Andrea left Birmingham branch?
  8. Where is the social media?

    To be honest traveling about around london all I see is things being advertised and the only people I can talk to is the people that are displaying the add i do and always have got things done through word of mouth, like this forum everyone with there own experiences without the company getting involved I’m just trying to find time to get this treatment done
  9. 11 Month Pics

    I'm still thinking about it for about two years to be exact but looks good mate
  10. SMP after Fue

    Ello I have seen somewhere on here what you are looking for actually I think the heading was camaflouge scars or something along those lines
  11. Pros & cons

    Cutlass 18 Cheers mate for the advice, just need to book now And that's why I love winter, so I can get away with wearing a hat
  12. Pros & cons

    Cutlass18 Thanks mate, great help So will the practioner recommend hair lines? should I shave my head before I go or let them do it ? Thanks again
  13. Pros & cons

    Thanks kojack Gonna see what happens with work in the new year but thats my thought about getting it done winter time, can get away with wearing a hat Spot on Thanks for reply
  14. Pros & cons

    Thanks for the swift reply I'm fed up of having a comb over hahaha In the new year I'm on it, thinking of going to the Birmingham branch as there's a certain person (no names mentioned) that's doing a great job Thanks again for the replies ✌️️
  15. Pros & cons

    Hi Been on here for a while still undecided........ So from anyone that's had the work done,what are the pros & cons ? For example Under certain lights is it noticeable you've had the work done. Shaving (everyday?) Long haul flight 12+ hours would my hair growth in that time make it noticeable. Shiney head. How long to take off of work. Would my friend that's a tattooist know what's been done Any help would be appreciated Thanks