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  1. I took a couple of days off work after each session but for me I could have maybe even went back to work the next day. My redness went down quickly and no one at work has blinked an eyelid at me since. Even though my boss told me coincidentally about SMP a week before i got it done. Even he hasn't noticed.
  2. Temples

    Thanks guys. I'm going to have my 4th session in 2 weeks and as yet i've been scared to touch the temples. Think i'll get them filled in without having a definitive line shaping them.
  3. Temples

    Can I get people's opinion on what they do with their temples for SMP? I have seen some photos where it makes the outcome look unnatural and more like a helmet. I don't like that my temples are receeding though so can anyone advise a good look for it to ensure it's still natural?
  4. What to use to simulate SMP (temporary)

    No not at all. Once you get used to using DermMatch you can easily create different hairlines. If you aren't happy with it you can easily rub off and start again. I've used it a lot when trying to decide what kind of hairline I'd like for SMP
  5. What to use to simulate SMP (temporary)

    Definitely DermMatch. It's great to mimic SMP. Check out YouTube video of it
  6. Feeling a little low

    I think it looks great WillGreen. I'm not just saying that. If i didn't think that I would have just ignored the post to be honest lol On the British X Factor Robbie WIlliams was a guest judge and compared a contestant to a bald Howard Donald (Take That member). The contestant has SMP and it looks amazing. He seriously suits it and no one would notice unless they knew about SMP. It just looks like a tight shaved head. The guy is called Christoper Peyton if you want to Google him. You'll see from before and after pics he looks so much better with SMP. My point is anyway that Robbie Williams called him bald. It's just sometimes what people refer to a shaved head as.
  7. Dermomatch

    Thanks Xander!
  8. Dermomatch

    Hi guys, maybe this has already been covered but so many posts to go through! I'm just wondering if covering the scalp with dermomatch gives a close and realistic expectation to how SMP will look? Or can anything else be done to give a more realistic vision of how it will look? Not computerised simulations though, I mean physically doing something to my head. Thanks for any advice!
  9. Some thoughts

    Well your head looks great now anyway so keep the head up
  10. Some thoughts

    It does look like a natural shaved head. Maybe just be thankful that people aren't noticing that u got it done. Surely it would be worse if people said "oh my God have u a tattoo on your head. That looks ridiculous"
  11. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Cutlass18 I Google this supposed Japanese cure for baldness in 2018 and I read it's something similar to a transplant in that it takes cells from back of your head and somehow puts them scalp. Don't know all the other mumbo-jumbo but that's the basics of it. Did u definitely hear it's gonna be a pill?