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  1. Money was paid as of today, thank you HIS Hair.
  2. Also Cash and Check were never offered as alternatives, I have all the e-mails as proof. I don't know who told you that, but I don't appreciate lies.
  3. Thank you Ed, can you please delete this thread?
  4. I didn't know e-mailing specified gender, thank you for that.
  5. If it's been a month of no action then yes I feel the need to come here and voice it, hence you relaying this to the home office. You can delete the thread if you want, no one's taking a "swipe" at the business.
  6. No offense but there is absolutely nothing you can do or say that can rectify this. HIS staff just needs to see this and get on top of it. This doesn't take away from their company in terms of procedures, they're pioneers in SMP and the go to company for such, all I want them to do is pull through on their promise to pay me on the referral. If the routing was wrong, e-mail me and we can fix it. Nothing of that sort has happened. I'll delete this thread as soon as it is taken care of.
  7. I never said they wanted to cheat me, but if it takes a month since the first few emails assuring me I am getting the referral then it is troubling. Yes I have tried reaching out and e-mailing multiple times. I just think its irresponsible after providing the company with a referral. I wrote this to get the companies attention. I never had a problem with my procedure, just need them to follow through with this referral payment.
  8. I have referred a client to HIS Hair who has completed his procedure. I was in talks with Hayley over at the corporate office over A MONTH ago, she assured me that the payment is being sent for the referral. Asked for my bank acct and routing number. It has been over A MONTH now and still no payment or no response. HIS I have, had, a lot of faith in you. This is unacceptable, especially when you're making tons of money worldwide with your clinics, the least you can do is be responsible and accountable to paying off people that bring you business. This is ridiculous that I have to beg for my referral. Note from Ed: Edited to remove clients real name from the original post, at his request.
  9. Houston has a great practitioner!!!

    Same here, I had my SMP done by the Houston practitioner, was super freaking nervous about the procedure itself and on top of that about the practitioner. That dude is legit! He is super cool and fun to talk to, he also cares deeply about the procedure and how it will look on your scalp, doesn't have an employee mentality, it's like an artist wanting to perfect it the procedure on your head. The procedure itself has changed my life, I am much more confident, and quite frankly that is all I ever wanted. Suits look 10x better on me now and I have been motivated to continue my transformation at the gym! This is the only "cure" for balding out right now.
  10. Miami SMP

    Good luck bro, You will love it
  11. Hey fellow SMP'rs I don't know if this is the right place to put this but when I got my SMP done at HIS, I purchased a Braun Series 7 for around 300$. I thought to myself if I am investing this much in this procedure, I might as well not skimp on the shaver. It has been a BRILLIANT shaver and leaves your skin feeling like you shaved against the grain with a razor, in terms of efficiency, without razor nicks and irritation. I recently just saw on amazon they are offering it for HALF the price, I am kicking myself in the head now because I could've saved a bunch. It is all good though, because now I can tell you guys about it ! Good luck!
  12. 18 days after session 2 blending issues

    Yeah dude well first of all your dots are large as hell so you need to wait for it to fade significantly. Second of all you have to wait for your third session because the practitioner is going to fill in the spaces between the dots for density. Remember this is a journey, and you are only 2 weeks out of your second session. Density and fading will fix you right up.
  13. Updated thread Houston HIS Hair Diary

    Hey guys I requested to take the pictures down because I did not want to be online anymore showing this procedure has been done. I first placed those pictures so whoever saw it can see my journey and check out the Houston results. Good luck with everyone and their SMP!
  14. New pic of my SMP in natural light outside.

    Looks great man!
  15. Some thoughts

    Thank you for this, dude up there hasn't even had it done or has seen it in person but based on his experienced with spotting hair systems he says SMP is detectable do. What a way of figuring out things huh? Lol