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  1. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    1) Have a good technician, 2) dont expect it to be finished after one session. 3) be patient.
  2. A Few Questions

    That looks awesome. How does it look now? Second and Third sessions are the big ones. Good luck.
  3. Getting caught out

    Never been caught out and extremely confident I never will.
  4. Blending

    It hasnt finished fading yet bro. Itll get lighter, 11 days is no time. Then youll need a 3rd to finish it off, more blending, extra dense etc etc.
  5. Finally Happy

    Looks stunning. I remember you, glad you're happy bro. And yeah i agree, i wouldnt have gone anywhere else but hishair.
  6. Cold feet

    The best advice is to have a good technician in my opinion and keep the hairline soft (least to start with). I'm with lots of different people each day and never got called out. I had mine in June or July last year.
  7. Huge Discounts Available at Birmingham Clinic

    That's a great deal.
  8. Paying Down Payment

    which clinic were you having treatment at?
  9. Sharing New Pics (1year)

    Blend = perfection.
  10. Would Anybody Be Willing to Meet In Dallas?

    I am in Woodlands just out of Houston but happy to meet if you'll travel. Houston technician is brilliant. Maybe if you goto a consultation I can meet you before or after?
  11. Hair Transplant vs SMP vs HT-SMP combo

    Also the success rate with SMP is much higher. Adding to that, if your treatment fades then you can get a touch up, if your hair Transplant hairs fall out then you can't get them put back in and all you'll be left with is an empty bank balance and a scar to remind you of it.
  12. Cold called by a rival company

    Who was it? Thats disgraceful behaviour.
  13. Just tap it if it itches, it's just your skin healing itself. I wore hats straight after my session and everywhere I went after treatment, rather that than sunburn when it's still healing.
  14. Thinning hair smp

    It depends on your hairloss, if it's minimal and they are staying within the hairline then you can keep your hair long. Otherwise you'll have to shave it right down. You will need to have another session when you lose more hair.
  15. Well the good thing is that you're going to Manchester and the best results I've seen in the UK are from the technician there.