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  1. New Man

  2. Windows

    Very true. And also, you know, sunlight,... vitamin D. The good news is, this babying one's scalp after SMP, it passes. For me, it did/does. I was so nervous whether I was doing the post-treatment care. But as days go by, people tend to go back to their old ways anyway.
  3. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Of course, I believe lots of places too. Iowa is cool place. Very picturesque. Bridges of Madison County was filmed there, I think.
  4. What kind of sorcery is this?

    gals dig guys who are "in-touch" with their feminine side. ;-) hehehe...
  5. Windows

    (I was thinking of asking what version of Windows, but this killed it. LOL.) Anyways, I could be paranoid but if I feel the heat of the sun on my scalp, even just a bit, I would think the rays are ruining my precious dots. :-)
  6. What kind of sorcery is this?

    Autumn just started and this thread has gone south way ahead of the wild geese. Skinny jeans and SMP. LMAO. Why not, bro? I don't wear one coz I don't have the legs for it, but I don't see what's the issue with men mixing the two -- smp and skinny jeans. Make up on dudes, unless you're a "rocker", e.g., Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, KISS. But if you're a "trucker" and you put on lavender eye shadows? LOL.
  7. Toronto

    Just curious, no talk of Toronto meet anymore?
  8. SMP Competitors and their clients

    "... but a company who has that much availability would almost worry me, don't you think?" Definitely. It's like with classy, famous restaurants you book months ahead. Fast food on the other hand... LOL.
  9. Care from Day 1-4

    Oh, I scab a lot. Day of session 2, before the procedure, I still felt tiny bumps from the 1st, lots of them and visible too. I guess that happens to some. Scabs did not fall or washed off by day 4,5,6 and 7 shower. I 'm not surprised the same has been the case for my recent session 2. So, mattifying has to wait then. Thanks again, Ed.
  10. Care from Day 1-4

    Thanks, Ed. And when is it safe to start using Milk of Magnesia to mattify? Or, any mattifying cream for that matter (of course, the recommended kind here)?
  11. Me

    My pics
  12. Has anyone who did the SMP in Toronto Clinic?

    Most of your questions have been asked, answered and discussed in length in this forum. I would suggest you keep on reading the threads here. You will not only get very satisfactory answers, you will also find related questions asked in varied contexts and answered from different points of view. This is an awesome forum. Hugely informative. The regular practitioner at the Toronto clinic knows his stuff very well. Very professional but friendly and casual at the same time. Book a free consultation.
  13. SMP - Interested, but having doubts

    I am 37 yrs old, been thinking of SMP for months now. I live around the northern edge of Barrie, Ontario. I occasionally visit my family in Scarborough. Barrie is a place that has little professionals to boast of, maybe some veterinarians who specialize in treating moose. Closest smp clinics are in downtown Toronto , one of them is HIS. I know smp is not an old field, but it is even newer in Canada than, say in the US or England. So, one thing that's been giving me doubts is how do I know which practitioner has longer experience and good track record? Everybody has to start in their profession, what if I get someone who will have me as his first ever client? My head will be practice ground, right? Thoughts?