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  1. Yes or No? I'm eager to know.

    I only knew that surgical procedures are expensive and could have either a negative or positive effects on anyone. Though, Its quite the most talked about that famous celebrities looks perfect, endowed with nice hair like Mel Gibson and a perfect body. Others would have said that its already open or not a secret for actors and actresses to get into different procedures be it in hair (transplant), breast (implant) or their faces (lift). Yes or a no? Would you undergo such procedures and why? But, what its like to have experience it? Is it safe to undergo any changes in our hair and body through a surgical process even as early as 18 years old ? Sorry for the so many questions. I'm just eager to know.
  2. I also read that the scars pre treated by Fraxel has the possibility to get a good concealment after SMP.
  3. Needle Size

    Well, speaking of needles. This is one that is quite might pressure me most. How do they do it and the effect of its size. And exactly the effectiveness of its size. I heard from a friend that to add color pigment , tiny needles are used.
  4. New to SMP

    I'm new here too and wanting to know about SMP and some stories and feedback. I'm hoping and looking forward to learn more.
  5. Microskin - Anyone Try It?

    Yes, I agree that Microskin will just cover up. I head that it is the second skin which is done to color correct skin conditions.
  6. Luck with Scar creams?

    I just read and heard from dermatologists that they do hide scars by SMP.
  7. Starting it here!

    I just got here now and curious about SMP. Maybe , I need to know more about this. You know, I'm always interested to learn about new things especially when its all about health. Well, I'm hoping to gain more from you guys. A good day to all!