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  1. Ingredients Other Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Zea Mays (corn) starch Are these ingredients ok to use on head Ina product. It’s a matte
  2. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Thanks ! Wud like to no if anyone has had SMP long enough to share anything on going abroad to got countries and sunbathing etc. If there treatment faded etc? Thank you
  3. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Anyone had smp for over 1-2 years been in the sun without fading. Not a fan of sweating under a hat in hot weather! Any tips please. As I wana be able to relax without worrying about losing dots ??.
  4. Superb she doesn't no aswel ??. Great work. Keeping quiet is the one ! ?
  5. "It's a tattoo", she said, rubbing my head

    That was all in good spirits by the way. No1 get offended ???????????? Happy xmas
  6. "It's a tattoo", she said, rubbing my head

    Never tell be smart. Don’t give people ammunition, u got it done to look real. Not to look fake. If u want people to no it’s fake hair and it’s a tattoo get ur head spray painted ???? That’s my opinion. Tell Close family or wife maybe bro and sis. Not the world. Come on ????
  7. Aftercare

    What do you think is best mate ? U think moisturiser helps lock the ink in after treatment ?
  8. Aftercare

    Thanks for reply mate . When can I first use moisturizer on my scalp? By day four after any treatment. It doesn’t say you should moisturise, it answers when your allowed to use it , So not clear on whether it’s best to do it
  9. Aftercare

    4 days or 10 days. Does moisturising help with locking in treatment or shud we wait and leave nothing on head 10 days
  10. Aftercare

    After care final treatment. When is it best to moisturise?
  11. Moisturiser.

    And then moisturise after shower ?
  12. Moisturiser.

    When is the best time to moisturise after a session. Even tho my head isn’t in need of a moisturiser, does it help the dots stay in head better ? Or is it best to leave head for ten days. ? There is no clear anser
  13. This YouTuber is what we call a grass ! Snitch ! ????????????
  14. Topik

    Do these hair fibre products affect your SMP ? I already have smp but wana grow the middle like a mowheekan and use hair fibre products

    So no faiding from training ?