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  1. Sharing New Pics (1year)

    Agree on the beer!
  2. Sharing New Pics (1year)

    Thanks guys. Yeah the blending is great. My favorite part are the temples.
  3. Sharing New Pics (1year)

    Sharing some new pics. I had SMP a year ago and it's still holding up really well. If you're considering getting it done, let me know if you have questions. Funny story... this picture was taken in Prague and people kept speaking Czech to me because they thought I was a local.
  4. Looking to meet in the Chicago area

    I'm in Chicago but I didn't have a strip scar, just normal MPB. If interested, let me know. I live near Wrigley in the city.
  5. 11 Month Pics

    As I approach the (almost) one year anniversary, I still think this is one of the best decision I have made. The SMP looks great and has given me the confidence boost I needed. If you are on the fence or not sure, I would urge you to pull the trigger. Don't let another day, week or month go by "debating" if it's for you or not.
  6. Sun protector without alcohol? (Matte)

    Not sure, but it's pretty far down the list so I'm sure it's minimal.
  7. Sun protector without alcohol? (Matte)

    I use this:
  8. 8 Month Photo

    Thanks guys, yeah I am really happy with it. My parents saw it for the first time and obviously had to tell them, but they were amazed and said they thought it was hair. My dad even said "I should get that, it looks amazing and you look way younger". I can't say enough about it. If you are on the fence, don't delay.
  9. 8 Month Photo

    Just posting a photo of my SMP 8 months after the procedure. I think it has settled in nicely and hasn't faded much at all.
  10. Temples

    I just posted about temples here: As it turns out, the temples are my favorite part of SMP.
  11. Natural Outdoor Pic

    I asked for it to be broken. I went online before my first appointment and found some photos that I liked and gave them to the practitioner. He did a great job. I like the hairline, but my favorite part is my temples and I didn't even ask for that. The practitioner knew what he was doing and made it look good on me.
  12. Natural Outdoor Pic

    Thanks man. Yeah it's been great!
  13. 1 year later .. My SMP is on point!

    Thanks @KukuiNut. I feel like it too.
  14. 1 year later .. My SMP is on point!

    I'm coming up on a year as well and couldn't be happier. It looks so good. BEFORE: AFTER:
  15. I put it on everyday. I don't think it can hurt and it also moisturizes and limits the shine. Some people think there are adverse health effects associated with sunscreen but I think the good outweighs the bad. Just my opinion.