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    it doesn't make much of a difference. He looked just as good with a bald shaven head. To most people you will still be considered as "bald" even if you have that 5 o clock shadow all over your head. You either look good with a shaven head or you don't. SMP is not the miracle that will make you look good shaven or transform you instantly. Its just coloring in the parts of your head that are not colored in anymore. ================================ What looks better? Bald or Micropigmentation? Obviously the latter. - You are no longer seen as Bald which people think of as a negative thing. - You don't have so much skin going on. 1st photo - he is an 'egghead', 2nd photo - no longer. - Your face is framed and people's eyes are now focused on your face instead of being drawn up and up to the top of your head. - You look younger.