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  1. Looking to meet in the Chicago area

    Just sent u a message.
  2. Looking to meet in the Chicago area

    Hey, I'm also from Chicago and have been thinking about getting SMP done for a long time. I have the same situation with the strip scar. I haven't been able to meet anyone here in Chicago either but would really like too see someone with SMP done. I'm sure it will look amazing but like I've read in some posts is that we are our worse critic since we know the scar is there.
  3. Hey, I am really looking for guys here in Chicago who have done smp. I would like to see how it looks and ask a few questions. I am very interested in getting it done. we can get a few drinks or some food. I'm located near UIC. Let me know if anyone can make it. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone. I am really interested in getting SMP done. I'm still hesitant but I know it's the best thing for me to do. Would anyone who has had it done be able to meet with me? I have a few questions about the procedure. Thanks.