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  1. I would assume, a number of weeks or months after the treatment the skin has healed and the treatment is trapped. The top layer of skin should prevent any interference of chlorina in a swimming pool.
  2. Pitting and cobblestoning

    Have you considered Fraxel laser treatment, it really smoothed out mine and made the skin flat before I had SMP.
  3. Pros & cons

    Your scalp or head will reflect light depending on a variety of factors one being how oily your skin is, but I have seen people who naturally shave their heads and those who have thinning hair scalps shine under certain lighting conditions so No your treatment will not look artificial. In fact dare I say nobody will even bother to notice, you look like a guy with a shaved head. Shaving every day, sometimes I do sometimes I leave it for a day, regarding long haul flights shave on the day of your departure, for me a days growth can actually help the look but everyone is different. Also I carry a electric foil razor, if you feel its too long nip into the bogs during a quiet bit of the flight. People will notice, the comments I have had were wow your hair is growing, have you stopped shaving? On the day of the treatment your scalp will look red, mine was had a slight burgundy tint but I still went out. 24 hours make a huge difference as your scalp calms down. But it will take a few days, remember you can't wash or shave it for 3-4 days. Regarding work if your really self conscience try to take a few days off tailing into the weekend, also grow a beard or goatee for a few weeks as a distraction. People will see you have changes slightly but honestly no one really will care. Final note, as I sit here the TV is on, there is a guy who is balding on screen in a studio with a shaved head, his skin is reflecting light and I'm sure he has been in makeup...its a natural thing and no one notices.
  4. My after care products and daily use.

    Worth a read - Generally Alcohol not good for skin. The skin treatments mainly alocohol based that de oil your skin only encourage more oil production later. To be safe use products aimed at babys, shampoos etc which are all very mild. Keep the good / stronger stuff for use only at hte weekends.
  5. Fraxel worked very well for me, I took 3 sessions. Yes the scar tissue did redden but it healed. Also I am told the fraxel treatment never really stops healing, over time it gets better and better.
  6. Show me the way

    Yes Fraxel laser treatment does work, it did a great job in my case smoothing out the cobbles leaving just white skin for the SMP to take care off.
  7. Fading and how to prevent it....

    I understand wishing to protect your SMP. Buy products marketed for babys, these shampoos and moisturisers are very mild compared to the adult range. I will use a suncream and a hat, there is a great spray on SPF 50 suncream made by Neutrogena, it is non sticky and easy to apply.
  8. Bath after SMP??

    What's the connection with skinny jeans.
  9. Bath after SMP??

    Dont do it, bite the bullet and go without dunking your head. A bath will be worse than shower, in a bath the water is dirty and you will be submerging a healing wound into dirty water. at least shower water is clean.
  10. Foil or rotary?

    just bought a Panasonic foil type today, my use of a rotary headed Philips may explain the redness around my transplant scars. So far a great close shave using minimal pressure against my skull. With the rotary I used to have apply pressure to get a close shave. Edit, second day with the foil and it blows the rotary out of the water, minimal pressure and a very close clean shave.
  11. Luck with Scar creams?

    Just had three laser fraxel treatments and now I have booked my first SMP session in November. I had both types of transplant done and its a mess. The Fraxel laser did reduce the line scars especially on top of my head to the point they can't be seen, the donor site not so much. The fraxel treatment did leave my donor sites looking a little red but this will pass, I am also using bio oil to clam it down before the SMP.
  12. Fraxel in UK

    I am chasing this topic as well, the two systems operate on different laser light frequencies, the repair being more aggressive than the restore. Its best to find a clinic that does both systems as a clinic with only the one system will try to fob you off. There is a good example on the Fraxel website showing a scar repair on a guys cheek using the restore laser, if Fraxel post that on their website I guess the restore laser is the goto laser. Repair is more aggressive but usually is one treatment, restore is milder but can be up to 6 treatments.
  13. More on Fraxel ...the two types Repair is a laser using Co2 as its exciter the other uses xxxxx as its exciter, the two laser produce different laser wavelengths which work differently on the damage. Non-ablativeFraxel re:fine® treatment—for prevention and maintenance Fraxel 1550 treatment—for mild to severe skin damage Fraxel 1927 treatment—for mild to severe skin damage As non-ablative laser treatments, Fraxel non-ablative treatments can improve mild to moderate skin damage with little to no downtime. AblativeFraxel re:pair® SST treatment—for the correction of moderate-severe photoaging, usually in a single treatment On the official Fraxel site there is a example picture of a facial scar repaired using the 1550 nM wavlenght laser, its a good repair so it would seem the 1550 laser is the one you want for scar repair. Beware clinics who don't have this 1550 laser and try to sell you a treatment using the other laser, Its best if you can find a clinic that offers a selection of treatments using different equipment. Hence they have no bias in the equipment used for your treatment. I am not a expert, this is stuff I have lifted from my own research.
  14. There are two types of Fraxel - repair and restore and they are quite different, the repair laser is more intense and is usually a 1 shot deal, the restore laser is milder but requires 4-8 treatments. But which laser to use. You need a good clinic that knows their stuff.
  15. I am in the same position, I am researching Fraxel laser treatment at the moment. its claimed to reducing scarring by 60-70 percent,