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  1. clippers conundrum

    I use the" i-STUBBLE SHAVER" from Conair for men, you can get it on Amazon, its black and waterproof. It shaves down to 0.4mm and has a guard, it has a pivoting head that contours your head and very comfortable, no chance of cutting yourself. I am the same as you I have SMP with some hair on top, I use this every 2 days, love it, ;leaves a bit of stubble.
  2. Toronto Location

    I am looking for feedback as well regarding the new Tech. I had 2 sessions with old Tech and couldn't be happier, what a great job. SMP 123, don't despair, I am wondering, do you have old scars on your head?, do you have super dry skin? Could this have affected you procedure? Honestly all in all it doesn't look terrible, I have very sensitive skin and I was scared at first because my scalp was red and dry for like 2 weeks, but man when it settled and faded a bit it did look great. When I look at your pics I feel there should have been more blending with the sides. Do you think once it heals properly you can go back and fill in the rest and blend with sides?
  3. Warranty session

    When they say warranty does that include the fact that a person wants more density and they find it has faded a bit? Or is this totally up to SMP people to make that decision?
  4. Has anyone who did the SMP in Toronto Clinic?

    I just came back from my third session in Toronto and so far it's great, love it. I have a hair transplant scar as well and it was covered very well, you can still see a faint scar line and I've accepted that it will never be completely gone but it looks ONE HELL of alot better than what it was, and the rest of the SMP on the head more than makes up for it
  5. pics attached would value some comments

    Looks natural, subtle. You definitely see a hairline, looks like a freshly shaved/buzzed haircut, well blended all over.
  6. SMP Progression - Road Map!

    Awesome Ericmario, what a difference!! Especially from the back view, looks full, uniform and well blended, seamless I would say, if this is what I have to look forward to in Toronto then I can't wait!!
  7. Looks good, did you have SMP on the scar only or all over?
  8. smp is my only hope

    I agree with Honda, I am 41 and look like 30, I am having SMP done in a month. Honda, I see your profile picture but can't really see the SMP, can you post a pic of your SMP? What hair color are you? The reason I ask is because I am a redhead and fair skin and from your pic it seems you are the same, if I'm wrong then sorry-lol
  9. Hi Onthefenceagain, did the SMP cover your transplant scars well? Are you satisfied with the coverage? Do you have any pics you can post? I ask because I have a HT scar that will covered by SMP next month-Thanks
  10. My SMP journey has started

    Hey guys, what specifically is the 3D effect and why wouldn't it be automatically done if it's suppose to be good?
  11. My SMP journey has started

    Looks pretty freakin good!! Especially after the shave, is that a wet shave?
  12. I know you just posted yesterday but how dos the HT scar look? I am going to Toronto next month to have SMP done and I also have one strip from ear to ear that is kinda bumpy that I really want covered and I am a fair skinned redhead to boot, this is making me kinda nervous that I will be disappointed-please comment what you think TDstrip
  13. My SMP journey has started

    I hope all went well today with your 3rd session, post some pics, excited to see what I have to look forward to!!!-Thanks man.
  14. My SMP journey has started

    good luck! Looks great, i'll be in Toronto next month for SMP, can I ask you what you used to shave you head? I take it the guy doing this in Toronto is very good.
  15. WOW, what a difference between 1st and 2nd, looks like a shaved full head hair, it really suits you and looks fantastic!! Congrats man!! By the way what do you shave your with?