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  1. Jansch's SMP Diary - March 16 1st Session

    Here's the original thread that I started which has more photos/details:
  2. Jansch's SMP Diary - March 16 1st Session

    Hey man, I think you planned it out pretty well. Nerve is natural - trust me I couldn't sleep before my 1st session, but the journey was quite surreal! Check out my SMP journey, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Vin
  3. SMP progress

    i think you, the poster, is falling into the trap of thinking that SMP was designed to imitate fuzz/actual grown out hair. The reason why, well one of the reasons at least, you think that the treatment looks best immediately after the treatment, is because it's super dark and the unsettled ink somewhat creates the illusion of hair grown out of your head. This is the same as getting a regular tattoo where you see the 3D aspect of it, but this is never the intent of SMP. The intention is to blend your existing hair follicles when it is shaved down.
  4. 100% fading session 1

    I agree with PermanentVacation. First of all, we've all been through the process (most of us) so we don't want to undermine your negative experience thus far in your SMP journey. However, since your treatment is not done by HIS, you should at the very least state this fact in your initial post because you are in fact posting this on HIS' official forum, not a generic SMP forum. As to your original question, it's not normal for 100% fading to occur (as you put it), even though first session are usually done to set up a foundation on what the treatment will look, with emphasis placed on setting the hairline. Density in the crown/top area will be done in 2nd and/or 3rd session. Finally, I know it's too late now, but in the future, I would highly recommend you making your decision on a clinic based on quality of work, and not on pricing. Best of luck dude. Vin
  5. Need feedback

    definitely over-analyzing man.....your treatment looks incredible - i can't even tell where your real follicles are and where SMP is.
  6. How close down do you have to shave?

    there's no rule here....the one thing anybody who has smp will tell u, is the concept of 3D (real hair) vs 2D (SMP). For example, I'm like a norwood 5 i think, so i do have some stubbles up top but not much. When I let my hair grow for 2-3 days u can see a clear difference as far as hair sticking out on the sides vs next to nothing on top and around the crown. Now, does it bug me? Not really, especially when I'm just going to the gym or groceries. My advice is just to experiment with it and go with what you're comfortable. I've established a routine of shaving to the bone with a razor in the shower every two days, but I have a buddy who does it religiously daily.. The choice, my friend, is yours.
  7. How’s my first session looking?

    dots will always be big at the beginning, ,just like getting a regular tattoo and the ink appears thicker.. Reason? Most of it is scabs which will fall off over time, and the dots under the dermal layer will shrink in the next few weeks, so no need to worry. I think for a 1st session your treatment looks amazing!
  8. Hair line is too dark.'s a roller coaster ride man.....looks good!
  9. My not so good smp story so far

    sorry to hear about your experience buddy. The pigment does seem a bit blu-ish, which makes me think that this was NOT done at a HIS clinic. Wherever you got this done at, I would escalate to their management and have the situation rectified. It has less to do with the size of the dot, than for the fact that it appears the ink used isn't the same ones used for SMP. Best of luck man and I know it's easier said than done, but it's not the end of the world and the situation can, and will be resolved.
  10. Hair line is too dark.

    Hey bud....from my personal experience, i don't think you have anything to worry about. Most of the darkness you see will become scabs and once the dots settle, it will become MUCH lighter. I guarantee you, until you complete the full treatment, once it becomes lighter you will miss seeing the dark hairline!
  11. My daily pictures from start to finish!

    that looks amazing after 1 the process man!
  12. My daily pictures from start to finish!

    great progress!
  13. Barber trip post SMP

    sup man...u should be all good to go to a barber shop.....if there's anything I would avoid, perhaps tell him not to use any straight blade on your head for now.
  14. What does an SMP head feel like?

    You talkin' bout me, mate? Why thank you dear sir, you're far too kind =P
  15. Maintenance after SMP

    yo dude.....maintenance after SMP is pretty simple man....after the "curing" period, what I mean is after 30 days, all you need to do is shave your head on a regular basis, and put lotion/moisturizers on your scalp after shaving and you're good to go. There are guidelines on maintenance within the first 30 days which you can find here: