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  1. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    I'm still unsure if I will go through with it. I need to get a patch test done. Need to see how it looks inches away.
  2. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

    Being 100% serious. That's what a fresh wet shave looks like on someone with light hair as myself. People go to dark then wonder why it doesn't look realistic. His results are one of the best I've seen.
  3. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    I thought this was Hishairclinic.com? When I go to a practitioner here I have to specify needle size?
  4. 6 Months After Final Treatment

    How satisfied are you with dot size and blending inches away? 99%? 95%?
  5. When do you stop looking in the mirror?

    Right needle? Pigment penetration?
  6. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

    Check out Damain's diary. Was really impressed how natural his came out. These are the results I will try to get if I get this done. If I remember correctly he used ink in the mid 40's. He started at 60.(light as you can go)
  7. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

    Great video. Just watched the whole thing. I appreciate your sincerity and wanting to help people. Your smp looks great. Are you 100% satisfied with the dot size and blending inches away? 95% satisfied? Just curious and you come across very honest and sincere so I look forward to your answer. Thanks again for the video. Great stuff.
  8. Worst Decision ever

    All the best to Mr.Watson! Honestly believe he's a good guy and sincerely wants to help people suffering from hair loss. He has my respect.
  9. My experience.

    How did you spot it?
  10. Slanted, uneven hairline

    SparkleFingers- That's why you shouldn't try to make it look like you have stubble. If you want it to be realistic you have to match a completely wet shaved against the grain look and go as light as possible. Unless you have lots of hair left. You definitely should be paranoid if you try to make it match hair growth (when you are completely bald) because like you said it will disappear under certain lighting. On a real head of thick stubble this wouldn't happen to the degree it does with smp. On the other hand a thick wet shaved head of hair would disappear under certain lighting. For completely bald people the only way this procedure works is matching a wet shave against the grain and with tiny dots. Anything else will get picked up on regardless if someone let's you know they know. I know a super nice guy who wears a hairpiece. He's rich and probably pays alot for it. It doesn't look that bad but I spotted it instantly. Just because I don't call him out on it doesn't mean I don't know. I would rather wet shave and have no smp than have one that is detectable. Some people feel the opposite. Their choice.
  11. My experience.

    What was she suspicious about? Darkness? Dot size? Thanks for your honesty and transparency. It's appreciated.
  12. Worst Decision ever

    He told the guy what he wanted and the practitioner obviously just ignored him and had no regard to how this would effect Surfer. Has this guy been fired yet or is he working on other people as well?
  13. Worst Decision ever

    This procedure cost to much for there to be poor to mediocre practitioners within the company. Or one's who "are tired" or "having bad days". What happened to Surfer should never happen. Not only is he out a ton of money he has to get this thing lasered off and HOPE it doesn't leave any scars or damage his skin. This company needs to change the policy about not naming practitioners ASAP. So other people don't have to go through this nightmare.
  14. Worst Decision ever

    When you're paying that kind of money you shouldn't have to guess or have faith your practitioner knows what he or she is doing. Or if he or she even cares or is in a hurry and doesn't want to be there. You shouldn't have to be expected to carry the responsibility of telling them over and over again how you want it to look when finished. Then crossing your fingers and hoping he or she was listening or even cares.The practitioner should be skilled and attentive enough to know what results you want after the consultation and be able to deliver them. More then just "decent" and what the second guy did would fill me with so much anger I don't know what I would do if I was you. That this can even happen is why I'm glad I haven't went through with a smp. I can't imagine what you're going through right now.
  15. Worst Decision ever

    "Decent" is not good enough for what they charge for this. And what the second practitioner did is sad.