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  1. My SMP journey

    I think it looks great, perfect colour and hairline, best thing you did, I had a similar incident a policeman I sometimes speak to made a joke in the cold I should grow my hair as I'm not bald I have hair, this is coming from a beady eyed old bill hawk eye, its an amazing thing that feeling you get not being the old balding guy. Enjoy your new lease of life.
  2. My first session in the Birmingham clinic

    Looks heavy mate id be tempted to leave the hairline, u have a solid quality shape that looks natural at the same time non helmet like. Good job Lauren is awesome.
  3. SMP settling.. HELP

    Post some pictures and confirm where and who did it?

    Firstly id say 7 treatments I've never heard of, I had 4 but the majority have 3 in my opinion 3rd session isn't an option its essential your not going to pay 2k then still look balding as 99% need 3. I was hoping I would of needed 2 as quoted but I needed 3 as a basic which I feel it was very misleading. If your plan is to go darker to save yourself having more sessions and save money id say its not a good plan. You will need 3 to get a complete not balding look, I would listen to your practitioner as they know best as Ed says, if you Experience fading they will go darker session 2 then normally session 3 is a final perfect the look touch over. Pull the trigger you wont regret it.
  5. My SMP journey has started

    Are you allowed to break the hairline a bit on you your warranty session? Think yours looks great.
  6. Made my appt

    15 days until your are no longer a balding man, you made the right choice I've never looked back my wife said I looked 80 when I was balding haha I'm 32 now I look my age, I don't really think about it anymore not over looking in the mirror tho at it. Relax and enjoy the ride. 1st session base, 2/3 density. I almost couldn't sleep the week before it was like being a kid at Christmas x 2. Keep us posted.
  7. My first session in the Birmingham clinic

    Great pics id expect to have 3 sessions, need that density, great start, good hairline nice soft side profiles would change anything just up the density..
  8. My first session in the Birmingham clinic

    Good update I had Andra for 1st and second it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped Lauren took over and I couldn't of been happier your in great hands there, she will do what it takes to get your result, my 3/4 both took 6 hours Lauren didn't complain once and stayed back past her time both sessions, a credit to the company. Hit us up with some pictures when you can. All the best.
  9. My SMP final result @ HIS/LA

    Brilliant looks great well done baldness what baldness.
  10. Problems with my SMP

    I had similar issues what it turned out to be is when its healing different parts look patchy after a month or 6 weeks it all looked the same see how it goes, give it adequate healing time before you start panicking, after 6 weeks you will know if you need a 4th. Dont go dark tho you will regret it, a shaved head is pale naturally..
  11. Foil or rotary?

    I've got braun series 3 wet and dry the cheaper one about 50 pound its brilliant had it for months cuts smooth in every direction well worth geting, I've had about 5 different shavers and this is a different league.
  12. Photos after final treatment

    Looks great congratulations.
  13. Is This The Best SMP Video Diary Ever?

    Video is great, like the detail of it makes me kind of mad that I didn't get results like that..
  14. update

    Thanks for the comments.. I am very happy ill be even happier when it fades even more, I had my treatment at Birmingham uk.. By the best practioner there who was brilliant, I recommend anyone to take the step you wont look back. Cheers
  15. update

    Cutlass, cheers for the post mate, Na ment 7 months from my 1st treatment since it began, I had 4 sessions in total haha I wish that was one, would of saved me a lot of time and money, but like u say 1 isnt heard of 2 rarely heard of 3 most people and over 3 a few..