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  1. SMP removal - recommended clinics?

    Couldn't agree more. All I want to know is can I get it lasered when I have hyperpigmentation on my scalp? I would ideally want to get it removed with HIS but that's looking quite slim at the moment
  2. SMP removal - recommended clinics?

    I would like mine removing too but I have some hyperpigmentation on my head and I am not sure whether it should be lasered
  3. SMP removal - recommended clinics?

    I would contact HIS directly. Apparently the Harley st branch has a laser. I would trust them more than some regular tattoo removal/skincare place
  4. Best place for full laser removal?

    Jonjones85 did you get this sorted out?
  5. Best place for full laser removal?

    Hi, does anyone know if you can still have laser removal if you have pigmentation/sun damage?
  6. Can SMP be damaged by Razor shaving

    The reason I ask is my treatment is 4 years old and I have a brown patch right down the centre of my head like a mowhawk. Looking back at pictures it was not there before I had the treatment. Its kind of like a liver spot. I don't know exactly when its sprung up, but I suspect it has been bought on by sun exposure. I am considering going to the doctors?
  7. Can SMP be damaged by Razor shaving

    I've pm'ed you giraffe
  8. Razor burn!

    Hi, I am new to the forum, although I had my treatment 4 yrs ago. I am a norwood 7 and recently I have been experiencing severe razor burn on a morning after I shave. I was advised to shave against the grain for the treatment to remain undetectable. has anyone else experienced this? I have tried all the usual remedies and none seem to work. If i shave with the grain you can see the horse shoe. I don't want to go darker with the treatment. I would like to let it grow out for a few days but I am afraid I will look daft. Any advice would be appreciated