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  1. Micro needling

    thanks for your replay, normguy1954, I wish you the best.
  2. That looks very good. Did yiou treated the scar previous the SMP? Is the SMP in the scar only or in the back of your head also?
  3. Micro needling

    Hi normguy1954, Do you think this treatment can help with ht strip scar? Hope everything's good.
  4. Hi TDstrip, Which machine do you use to shave/trim your hair? Thank you for sharing your experience with us
  5. I'd like to ask you something about your scar. Do you have the tattoo in the scar only? Did the practitioner cover the back of your head also? In my case they cover only the scar and a little bit of the sourrounding area, but I think the result'll be much better if they apply the ink in the whole back of my head also. What do you think about that? Flippo, you don't know me but you helped me a lot with your post, you gave the courage to face the nightmare I was dealing with. Old HT with poor results, scar in the back of my scalp, hats, more hats, hair systems the hide my shame. But thank you and you experience I'm starting to leave all of that behind me. Thanks a lot Flippo!