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  1. How long after a Fraxel session do you see results in the scar? Is it almost immediate or does it take some time? Also how long after Fraxel treatment would you recommend getting a touch up?
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I was actually informed about scar revisioning as an option but the idea of going a year without SMP and exposing my scar is a scary thought. Maybe when I was wearing it would have been a good option but hard to justify now. I am thinking Fraxel is the best option but are there any other non surgical procedures which can be of help?
  3. I have a long strip on the back of my head from two hair transplants I received almost 9 years ago. I have had three sessions done so far and here are the results (before and after pictures attached). My concerns are evident, does anybody have any advice from having a similar type of scar? It seems to be a raised scar which is causing the pigment to not blend in as I would expect and is nowhere near what I would call satisfying. Any advice would be most helpful since I am trying to figure out the best way to manage this moving forward. Fraxel, scar revision, or any type of injections? Thanks for your help!
  4. When you say minimal do you mean the fading will be minimal? Is fraxel recommended and has anybody used it and have before/after pictures?
  5. I've tried it once before but not recently, does that make a significant difference? Any others thoughts about how it looks?
  6. It has been about 12 days since my last SMP procedure on my scar. While I see some improvement, it is nowhere near where I would expect or want it to be. Anybody have feedback or thoughts? Patiently waiting but it still is hard for me to go outside without a hat on.
  7. Scar assessment after 2 sessions

    Thanks everybody. I actually did my whole head and the scalp looks great. My concern is the scar obviously as that is the primary reason why I even got the procedure done to begin with. From your experiences do you think things will look a lot better and when would you anticipate after the procedure before I can feel confident? Right now I am embarrassed to even leave the house without a hat on. I did the procedure to make me more confident but now it seems as if it was a mistake. Any support/advice on if things will get better is most appreciated!
  8. I've had two sessions done and my scar looks a little scary. The ink looks very dark and it is quite visible, anybody know what the recovery time is for scar treatment and also what to expect moving forward in terms of the pigment getting lighter in time? Last treatment was 3 days ago!