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  1. Harley street

    Hi guys, Long time. Does anyone know if Harley Street is still open? I know its probably closed due to the virus, but i mean in general. Emailed recently but didn't hear back. Also, do you know how much a touch up is? Much appreciated in advance.
  2. Feeling a little low

    I have had my head shaved since I was 14, like the shaved look. I always have. Even when I had hair and shaved it people use to make jokes about me being bald all the time
  3. Feeling a little low

    I have had my head shaved since I was 14, like the shaved look. I always have. Even when I had hair and shaved it people use to make jokes about me being bald all the time
  4. Thanks guys. Sorry happy you found use for my pics vinnydiesel, hope you are happy with the outcome ????
  5. Hi guys, Quick update. Finally got my 3rd session done. Almost 7/8 months after my first and second. Looks a lot better. Couldn't be happier with it until this point. I will still say to anyone unsure, even though i knew i needed a third session and it wasn't perfect for the last 4/5 months i still never got even a question about it. This treatment is amazing based solely on my experience so far as i don't personally know anyone else who has got it done.
  6. Hi mate. I am away working at present but when i am back in London i would be happy to meet. However my advice is dont wait.
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to check back in as i haven't been on this in awhile. Anyone that is unsure of getting this treatment (as i was) don't be. It is the best thing i have ever spent my money on. I initially got treated in january, all went well and i went back the following week to have the second. It looked amazing for about four weeks. Started to fade slightly (which i believe is totally normal). From the posts above you can see i asked an honest question and got an honest response, i needed a third. Although i will say that i thing i had too much growth in the pics above which made things look worse. Here is the reassuring part, I do believe mine looks only about 80% of what it could as i still haven't been to have my 3rd session. I will be going for it as soon as i can, however i am working away from home and it tough to get back to london with work. So i have been walking around at about 80% (maybe even less) for about 3 months. Not one single person has called me on it. I have ruthless mate, all on a whatsapp group together. And to say that you wouldnt want to be sensitive is an understatment, and nothing. It is amazing and like i said previously if you are on the fence go for it.
  8. Ye I think I am having an issue with rotary shaver. I have been using it every day for 4 months. How often should the heads be changed? Don't think it is shaving like it use too
  9. Cheers boys! Was thinking the same ???? Nice to get confirmation ????
  10. Hi guys, thought i would give a quick update. I have to say, everything i read about the procedure previously has turned out to be true. I am so happy i had it done, and haven't been called on it of yet lol. I am currently living away and cannot pop into clinic to see about a third, so i thought i would ask ya'll. Do you guys think i need one? I dont personally know anyone else who has had it so im unsure.
  11. Is there a limit on the time available to have the third session? I am 9 weeks post second and still very happy. But will prob need the 3rd in the future?
  12. 16 days post second session.

    Lol, not that i know of mate however my hair is naturally dark and although my skin is pale it tans relatively. Have you had the treatment?
  13. 16 days post second session.

    I did not specify density! Although I am of the opinion that if it costs the same amount of money why not go with dense. I imagine she just mimicked my natural follicles as much as possible
  14. 16 days post second session.

    I usually shave mine the night before i go to bed so it looks good the next day. When the above pics were taken i was about 8-12 hours post shaving with a rotary shaver. I do this every day. Although when initially shaved it looks good and blends
  15. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    I think part of the issue when viewing In a mirror can be our eyes can only see a small portion of the front of the head. When you try to see the sides and top in a mirror it's looks lighter from an angle. We cannot see the blending, particularly when most of the hair loss has been frontal.