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  1. Chicago smp

    Any pictures yet?
  2. My SMP journey has started

    Be careful on both colour and density. Both huge factors in realism effects. It looks great already, maybe scatter some darkness across but do go crazy
  3. Fraxel and micro needling should help
  4. Best clinic for hiding scar tissue

    I believe everyone gets the same training so you can't put one above another I would just ask about experience
  5. Is age an issue

    Nothing wrong with age Makes you look younger Just get a mature hairline and density and you will feel fresh and youthful
  6. My SMP journey has started

    Looks good, settling still Give it a bit for your third Where did you get it done? No naming of your great practitioner
  7. 24 hours in --- before and after

    Yeah you haven't touched the sides so may bring them forward a little
  8. Fraxel helps to break down the scar tissue and promote the production of collagen in the skin It therefore makes the skin soften and smoother
  9. 4 sessions done November 2015 FUE SMP

    To smooth the skin use fraxel laser. If that side sucked the ink the skin is probably scarred and needs smoothing. If the hair is creating the roughness you don't like you should probably laser but be careful as too strong can scar the scalp. Then you would need fraxel to smooth the skin. How many grafts did you have done? What size punch? Any donor scars? Luckily smp suits modern micro fue scars quite well when you get a good practitioner Your treatment looks good from the pictures
  10. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    What colour level did you start at? Which clinic?
  11. My SMP journey has started

    It will keep fading and shrinking for a while The hairline looks good, you can see that it is broken
  12. 2 Down

    How's things progressed? Did it lighten up?
  13. Confidence and owning it is the key We are all different and will have different results Research heavily on hairline and density. Know what to expect straight after the procedure If you get hairline or density too aggressive it won't look right Start light and build up to your final result of realism Good luck and keep everyone posted
  14. My SMP journey has started

    Redness should go in a day and the dots will look more refined The dots should diminish in size over the week, as you won't be washing the big dots you see are most likely scabs
  15. A Question of Stubble

    Some people say if you have scars you should shave as close as possible But everyone is different, just look at the response above You could try a fade where it is stubble on top and shaved on the scar area
  16. Panicking! 8 days after 2nd.

    Looks normal and even Hope it settles well
  17. 24 hours in --- before and after

    I'd drop it a bit, just go slowly and get touch ups rather than aggressive and then realising it's stupid and you need laser
  18. Yes I believe it can without impacting the smp. I think the 1550 is used There are a few posts on the forum about it I think landlord1 had it done
  19. SMP + Minoxidil?

    He had a hair transplant after his smp so he needs the minoxidil to assist with the growth The minoxidil has no alcohol which won't affect the smp
  20. 28 Days To Go

    Great journal How did the hairline adjustment go? Any comments on your scars or are they well covered?
  21. Ian Fue combo

    All fue creates scars The punch size and the individuals healing will dictate how obvious the scars are You can have hypo pigmentation which makes them white or it could just look like a blank space missing hair Being nw7 is not ideal for a ht he is probably just going for a scattered approach as you would never cover a full head successfully at a nw7
  22. Black Hair with Extremely Pale Skin

    I think the key is not to go too dark Your practitioner will know what suits you
  23. Ian Fue combo

    I wonder how many grafts he is going for Should enhance the look with some stubble
  24. How many days between each session?

    As you are getting scar work you may need a few sessions for decent coverage of the dots Better to be safe and get a couple of sessions under your belt before returning to work.
  25. how realistic are we talking about

    No one really looks at peoples heads, only bald people. If your hairline is ridiculously fake then you may get stares If you look better for having it done then I'm sure your partner won't mind