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  1. 5days minimum before you shave your head, or even wash your face.
  2. Cheers mate but yes il post a few more pics at end of this week once its all settled.
  3. After 1st session it was red for the rest of the day, I could've gone outside the next day, but cos I couldn't shave my head I only went out 1x during the week (to Tesco) and just went at night when it was empty. I had 2nd session this afternoon though, but redness has already gone by this evening and so I went out earlier. I had booked these entire 2weeks off work though.
  4. Cheers mate. And she did a medium amount of blending to blend it, but also to taken into account future receeding over the next few years. Overall session 1 took approx 1hour 30mins, session 2 today took barely 1hour though.
  5. I requested a very low hairline (ideally I wanted it even lower than she did it, but this is the lowest she would go), I also requested a slightly jagged front, but with a very soft blend from the hairline to my skin to make it look more natural. I also requested both those 2 scar lines.
  6. I had a previous diary on here, however since the style of hairline that I wanted and so requested changed between the 1st treatment and 2nd treatment, that diary is now kinda irrelevant. (Plus it was abit long with quite a few posts before the photos) I had my 2nd treatment today in the Harley street clinic though, and am extremely happy and pleased with the result!! I have attached photos showing before the treatment, and then photos taken a few hours ago just after the 2nd final treatment was completed. Enjoy
  7. I am going to wait until the 2nd session of density adding had been done before I decide if I want it lowered slightly more on the temples area, as currently they do still make my hairline look abit too receded for my liking. But overall im moderately pleased with the result and shape so far. P.S That scar line was done intentionally at request by me as a ''designer scar''.
  8. And here are my photos taken just now, a few hours after session 1-
  9. Ok well I had the treatment done a few hours ago, and so as promised I have uploaded some photos of how its looking now straight after 1st session- It looks abit inky still as its so fresh, plus isn't very dense yet so from a distance doesn't provide much coverage, but the colour she used (shade 16) looks good, and the shape has come out quite nicely i think. I have found a really old photo of me (taken 2years ago) to show how my head looked before the treatment, and so here is that photo-
  10. Ok well just to update my thread- I went to the clinic in Harley Street 3weeks ago to fill out the forms and pay the deposit, and made my booking for 15th Feb, and 22nd Feb, so 1st session tomorrow morning. Ive printed out photos of the hairline style that I want (shown in the photos above), and so am excited. Only thing im not looking forward to though is basically being a prisoner in my own home for the next 2weeks though! :/ (As you aren't meant to shave your head, or even wash your face/head area for the 1st 7days, and so im gna be stuck inside here nonstop. Off to Tesco in the morning though to stockup on food supplies for the next 7days). But btw no my previous SMP was done by a small UK based clinic, not hishair or vinci. Ive already settled out of court with that clinic though, but part of that agreement was me to not mention their name online ever again).
  11. Thankyou mate. But yes, ultimately I was foolish last-time by going down the cheap route for something that will be daily-life impacting and permanent. However HisHair is the best, simple as that. And so now I can afford them (as they quoted me £2,000 for upto 3 sessions when I visited 1year ago), I will be getting it done by them. But yep im gna be more than happy to upload a large variety of closeup photos of before, after 1st session, and after all finished.
  12. I 1st discovered the existence of SMP in January 2years ago now. I was aged 24, had short hair style for the past 10years (grade 4 buzz-cut), however my forehead was too big for my liking (norwood 1, approaching norwood 2), but when I discovered SMP I decided to just shave my head and have the treatment to 'fix my forehead'. So i had a consultation at HisHair in London 1week later, and they seemed very professional and experts at what they do. Unfortunately as I didn't have much money i couldn't afford HisHair, and so went to a different very small 1-man outfit who offered SMP service for 1/2 price of hishair. That turned out to be a massively foolish decision by me though, as the results came out extremely badly!! :/ And whilst i got a full refund of the money i paid for the treatment, i have had to spent the last 2years having approx 8 laser removal treatment sessions (which are unbelievably incredibly painful and unbearable, true torture tbh)!! And also had to spend 2years living with a horrible disaster treatment on my head that looks rubbish, obvious, and just ridiculous tbh. 2years on and ive finally got all off that SMP removed atleast now though. And so planning on going to HisHair in a few weeks time to get my SMP done by them. Im not at home at the moment so only have 1 photo of my current natural hairline that i can upload, but have uploaded below a few photos of the shape and lowness of the hairline that i want to get done (although im NOT gna have a pointed widows-peak like he has). As my main reason for getting the treatment is to lower my hairline (moderately below its natural level), to cover my temples slightly to give me the hairline shape & coverage as shown in the photos, and to change the shape of the hairline to being a jagged natural looking one as in the photos (not rounded nor straight line, as they both look very weird in my opinion). Any opinions about how this hairline style that im going for will look on me though are welcome...?